Your Weekend Should Sound Like This

By Luke Davis
Photos by Tom Carey

Ok, so this is pretty much what your weekend should sound like. Knock yourself out! Play everything as loud as possible and I’m sure you’ll have fun.

Justice, the French electronic music duo consisting of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, who have made without a doubt some of my favorite music. The build-up at about 4:45 is really sick. I swear one day I’m going to quit everything and just try and make music as good as these guys.

The Bloody Beetroots are another one of my favorites. Hailing from Italy, they recently changed their act from just two guys (Bob Rifo and DJ Tommy Tea) onstage mixing their music to becoming a full-blown band known as Death Crew 77. They now have more of a rock sound to their live performances, which is something new.

I haven’t really listened to the Beastie Boys all that much but I’m pretty stoked on this remix.

Probably my favorite song right now. Just another really good remix that gets me all psyched up to do something fun.

The ’80s — man I wish I got to experience the ’80s. Well anyways, this song’s sweet. Makes you feel like dancing.

This video is so creepy. I first heard this song last summer and it kind of became the summer theme song. Maybe I’ll have to bring it back again. Check out his weird head moves at 2:55. Haha.