Your Weekend Should Sound Like This

For me, it’s nearly impossible to select 100 of my favorite tracks/artists. Let alone under 10. I come from a family that is deeply rooted in music and we’re all music fans. Anyone who knows me knows that it’s a rare moment when I’m doing anything without a tune on. I tried to pick a few classics that will always be with me as well as some new/lesser known artists you may like. Enjoy.


The Jim Jones Revue – “Princess and the Frog”

Possibly my favorite band at the moment. So girtty and raw with the over saturated recording. Everything about these guys is explosive. Including the swing/blues sound. Little Richard meets punk rock.



The Parlor Mob – “Hard Times”

These are some dear friends of mine that are some of the most talented musicians you’ll meet now a days. If you’re a fan of Wolfmother, Zepplin, etc–you’ll love em like I do.



The Doors- “The End (1967)”

‘My favorite band of all time since I was about 7 years old. Needs no explanation.



Atlantic Atlantic – “Super Tall Buildings”

These guys are a throwback to when music was the focus. Brad is such a talented person. From doing his own animations to writing the music.



Eddie Cochran – “Twenty Flight Rock”




Scott Liss & The 66- “Miles”

A singer/songwriter thats such a deep thinker. Brings you back to when music was..well..good.



Bob Dylan – Must Be Santa”

Any song of his is a favorite of mine. I chose this one bc it shows just how out of his fucking mind he really is.



Nicole Atkins – “Maybe Tonight”

Amazing. She has such a ridiculous vocal range and sound. More talent than most anyones iTunes combined.



Muddy Waters – “Got My Mojo Workin'”

Simply put, The Man.



Bruce Springsteen – “The Ghost of Tom Joad”

I mean, I’m from Jersey. Call him what you may, he’s a legend. PERIOD.