Your Weekend Should Sound Like This, With Oliver Kurtz

Oliver Kurtz
Five songs from five genres. Why pigeonhole yourself to one? Photo: Taras

Oliver Kurtz’s weekend playlist spins like this

Country: Blake Shelton – Some Beach

I love this song because its really easy to listen to, the lyrics are amazing and even people that don’t like country can tap their foot to it.

90s Music: Will Smith – Gettin Jiggy Wit It

This track is what dreams are made of.

Rap/ R&B: Estelle ft Rick Ross – Break My Heart

The notorious Ricky Rosé grunt in this song is spot on. The collab of Estelles vocals mixed with him makes the perfect duo.

Electronic: Marshall Jefferson & Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)

I listened to this song for 2 straight weeks. Press play and you will most likely do the same. Drop at 3:04 = ( . ) ( . )

Classic: Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX – I’ll Take Care of You

Everyone is freaking out on the new Drake song “Take Care.” What people don’t understand is he took this song and just rapped over it. The late Gil Scott Heron was one of the worlds first rappers and him and Jamie crushed it with this.