Your Weekend Should Sound Like This, With Sterling Spencer

Sterling Spencer. Photo: Taras
Sterling Spencer. Photo: Taras


I picked five songs for your ears this weekend. Like it! NOW!

All these songs are in my new movie SURF MADNESS! Finding good music that you can afford to put in a movie is the hardest thing ever. But, we searched for months and found some goods.
Ty Segall – Girlfriend
This is my favorite song of all time… Warren Smith actually played this song for me in Maine about two years ago. I’ve been holding onto it for awhile. It’s the fit perfect for our horse head part in the movie.


The Mumblers – Coffin Factory
Sorry. This is my favorite song. We were in Puerto Rico and my editor, BIG WAVE DAVE, played this and I was obsessed. It inspired us to do something weird. That’s why we went surfing in Crocs. Every single human in Puerto Rico wears Crocs. It was amazing and definitely my favorite part in the movie by far. It took me like, two hours to convince Taj [Burrow] to surf in Crocs.


Crystal Stilts – Shake the Shackles
This song is for the Nicaragua part with Craig [Anderson] and Nate [Tyler]. This song makes you feel super Indie and want to get tattoos and smoke cigarettes…and swear…and ride trains.


Cats Eyes – Over You
This song is rad and was used for the first California part in San Clemente. We actually scored State Park and had a glory session with Eric Geiselbreath and Oliver Squirts. They were shredding and the sun was out and my hair was dry!


Dignan Porch – Like It Was
This song is like the end of a long journey. When Dave and I were rapping up the movie, for about a month we would play this song at night and dance and sway to keep the good vibes going. We were so over it but, this song kept us going!