Your Weekend Should Sound Like This, With Torrey Meister

Torrey Meister. Photo: Jimmicane
Torrey Meister avoiding LA congestion in Orange County. Photo: Jimmicane
The Blacks Key are one of my favorite bands right now! They have that old school vibe to their music that I like a lot. Their music gets me super psyched to go surf and they’re only a two man band, pretty cool! This song is a bit older, but definitely my favorite at the moment.
This is the best song ever to run to. It’s kind of a longer song, but very fast pace and builds up and up until you feel like you want to judo kick something or do something crazy. Be careful if you’re listening to this song on the treadmill! When I listen to it, I find myself increasing my treadmill speed to go faster and faster. Then the song stops and I find my treadmill going way too fast! Resulting in a backwards-flying-cartwheel-spin onto the ground!


Lecrae is sick! Underground, great flow/lyrics, and stands up for positive stuff which is rare in rappers. I like that a lot about him. If you listen to the lyrics in this song, it has a crazy twist at the end. Check it out!


I’ve been spending a lot of time in California lately and this song reminds me of sitting in LA traffic. I swear, every time I’m getting frustrated with the traffic here, this song starts playing on the radio and soothes my developing road-rage. It’s probably because this song is played on every radio station a million times a day, but I like to consider myself lucky! I don’t care what anyone says — Foo Fighters are epic!


This music video is classic! Jack’s music reminds me of home! Enough said!