Update From The Factory: We’re Staying

Day13_1Chippa Wilson, fully planted at The Factory. Photo: Scotty Hammonds

They say that you should never leave waves to find waves. But you could cut that adage in half — you should never leave waves, simple as that. And so we won’t.

Tonight was supposed to be the last night of the SURFING Factory. We were supposed to get dinner and drinks and laugh our way through a few million Rupiah with a night out on the town and a couple gallons of red paint. Instead, we’re huddled up in an air-conditioned villa, watching pirated movies off of hard drives and thinking about maybe ordering some chicken and rice. Not exactly a proper send off.

Probably because it’s not a send off. We’re not leaving. Not yet. A swell is sizing Indonesia up as we speak/I write. If the clairvoyants of surf forecasting are correct, it’ll be firing in a few short days. And you should never leave waves.

So we called airlines and changed tickets. We called girlfriends and pissed them off. We called hotels and booked new arrangements. We called you, and by called you I mean posted Road Sodas of us doing stupid shit. The chicken and rice should be here soon. And has anybody seen Birdman?

Keep checking surfingmagazine.com and our duel Instagrams for more updates constant, because The Factory ain’t closing just yet — never leave waves, right? Or maybe you just never leave at all? Turns out Birdman is a really good movie and you really can’t beat these food prices. —Brendan Buckley