Welcome To The 2016 SURFING Factory

Factory_D1_Noa-9355-160420-Dom_MosqueiraNoa Deane. Photo: Domenic Mosqueira

There’s something about the ocean here. It feels so clean. So fresh. So alive, and so not oily. The air tastes good too. It’s chilly when you sip it in the morning but heats up during the day when the sun starts beating down on the desolate coastline, which is camouflaged by dry, infinite bushes that eventually lead to sand that eventually leads to a reef that might eventually lead to one of the finest moments of your life. Western Australia is truly a special place.

But enough of the poetic shit. We’re here. Staying at a house with Noa Deane, Yadin Nicol, Balaram Stack and Matt Banting. There are so many waves a short drive away. Perfect slabs like The Box. Classy ramps like Cobblestones. Hearty lefts that might not even really be waves, but Balaram seems to want to surf them anyway. It feels like heaven, but it’s only the SURFING Factory.

We’ll have a photo gallery for you tomorrow and the first edit is dropping on 10 PM Sunday, West Oz time. That’s 7 AM Sunday, California time. After that, we’ll be dropping a new edit every day until May 11th.

Keep in touch. —SURFING