John John Florence Wins Billabong Rio Pro

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…and Parko tops the World Tour ratings with a runner-up finish

Is it really too soon to call it John John’s year?

Ten Photos: Jimmicane Does Mexico

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It is no secret that Mainland Mexico holds some of the best sandbar pointbreaks in the world.

Tubes, hacks and more tubes. Jimmicane with a solid score on this trip

Dave Rastovich // North Shore, Oahu // 7:44

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A short film depicting Rasta’s approach to alternative equipment and alternative waves on the North Shore

Rasta sets the mood on his Uke and it’s beautiful — like his surfing and long-flowing hair

Blake Jones // Nicaragua // 1:28

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Nicaragua’s a short escape from Blake’s hometown in Florida

Now watch him go

Mason Ho: Living Frenzy

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Mason just wants to have fun

Surfing naked in heats is apart of the fun

In The Jungle Where Our Brains Were Showing

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It may have been something we ate

Third-world waterbeds

Girl: Frankie Harrer

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She has the record for most NSSA wins in a season

You can’t win in freesurfing

Threat: Beau Foster

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The hair may be a nuisance in the water

On land with the ladies it does nothing, but good

Sounds: A$AP Rocky

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“Graduate school of hard knocks, I can show you my degrees/ Couple A, B, C’s, bad bitch double-D’s/ Popping E, I don’t give a F, told you I’m a G.”

Noise Makers: Internet Commenter

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The commenter loves to make noise

We should all read and laugh hysterically

Noise Makers: Travis Ferré

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Travis Ferré likes to make noise

We should all listen

Noise Makers: Mitch Abshere

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Mitch Abshere likes to make noise

We should all listen

Noise Makers: Albee Layer

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Albee Layer loves to make noise

We should all listen to him

Under The Influence: Matt Wilkinson

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He’s the lead act in surfing’s main event

Wilko, under the influence

THETDWS: Surfers And The Art Of Complex Personality

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Surfers are boring people

The Chas Smith Foundation for the Creation of Robust Surf Personality will cure the boredom

Back When Shit Was Cool

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We miss you MP

Eternal legend


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Ever wonder what those photogs use

Here’s all the proper info

Byron Bay: A Portrait Of Now

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Welcome to the past

Things are changing slowly

2012 Swimsuit Issue on Location: Salton Sea

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The 4th Dimension. Beauty is an Afterthought

The year is 2025 and the salt of the desert fills the air

Heart Breakers

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It’s easy to fall in love with most women

And all waves

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