Reflecting Upon the Open

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Feeling recovered and sitting in Portland, Oregon, where Peter Pans ride about on bicycles in the throes of perpetual youth, I can astutely assert that surf is it

Surf is the only thing that matters

Sebastian Zietz // Innersection Seconds // 4:14

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It’s months of filming and many miles on the ol’ passport.

This is Seabass’ throwaway clips.

You Are Here: Lee Wilson

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He won the event of a lifetime and celebrated by not celebrating

It makes sense if you think about it…or read this

Pa-DANG: The 2011 Rip Curl Cup

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Event tagline: “It’s on when it’s on.”

It was on, alright

What’s Next For Duncan Macfarlane

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You’ve just won the Follow the Light Foundation’s $5,000 grant for promising surf photographers…what are you gonna do now?

“I’m going to Las Vegas!”

Lost Atlas Premiere Tour Schedule

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From LA to NYC, Lost Atlas is making the rounds

To miss it would be a deathbed regret

Red Bull Minor Threat: Episode 2 // Indonesia // 5:16

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Let the future unfold before your very eyes

Andino, Coffin and Geiselman map the road to tomorrow

US Open // Huntington Beach // 4:14

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As the dust of HB settles and with the crowds finally dispersed, we leave you with this artful edit of the world’s best

Just play it. Swoosh

Padang Awakes From Her Slumber

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So, is it on? It’s on when it’s on.

Super swell next week.

October Issue 2011 Surfing Magazine

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A Film Issue: A Story of Youth on the Run

Globe’s 0000 Premiere in Costa Mesa: Art!

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Joe G.’s creation played to a warehouse of sloppy fans

And it was art

Follow The Light Foundation: 2011 Awards Presentation

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Duncan Macfarlane wins the 2011 FTL grant in honor of late SURFING Photo Editor Larry “Flame” Moore

The Artist’s Guide to Innersection

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Five up-and-coming filmmakers from the current round of

Yeomans, Lopez, Wilson, Hobgood // West Oz // 3:16

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Yeomans and crew water dance in the Indian Ocean.

Iron & Wine sets the tempo

Something For Your Eye

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An apocalyptic journey through the dark depths of Indonesia’s wild coast. Blackened barrels, monsoonal storms, seas snakes and serpents.

Green Bush goes black

Rip Curl Cup 2011 is ON…I Think

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Will Padang Padang come back to life and show its true colors? All signs point to yes.

It’s on when it’s on

Kelly Slater // Central America // 2:40

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Escaping California summer doldrums, an impromptu jaunt to Central America is the perfect solution

This just went down

Eric Geiselman // Home & Away // 4:36

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EG takes the reigns of his footy from High-5 and gives it his own twist

This is his re-edit

Follow The Light Foundation 2011

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The winner to be announced at the Shorebreak Hotel during the US Open of Surfing, August 2, 2011

Evan Geiselman // Costa Rica // 2:55

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“As long as we’ve been friends, I never had the privilege to do a trip with Evan until two weeks ago when we went down to Costa Rica to finish his profile for SURFING Magazine.” —Jimmicane

Here’s the footy

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