Geiselman, Kurtz, Crews // San Clemente + Creek // 2:45

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This East Coast cast can scour a ramp or wedge in any conditions

Bold prediction: Evan Geiselman on tour in 2013


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June 2012 issue

Lightbox for your eyes

Reinventing: The Rivalry

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Kolohe hates John John

John John hates Kolohe

Reinventing: The Surfboard Dimension

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Why don’t shapers include one of the most important pieces of design information on your surfboard? Master craftsman Rusty Preisendorfer […]

Reinventing: The Big-Wave Line

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Dorian tells us of his newest weapon in his big-wave arsenal

It’s smaller than you’d think

Reinventing: The Surf Girl

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No explanation necessary

Just take a look

Julian Wilson Sat Between Two Blondes

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He will have a head of luscious blonde curls. He will be from the Sunshine Coast

He will be surfing’s next champion

Costa Redux: Familiar Faces In A Forgotten Sea

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Not all of Costa Rica was shown in The Endless Summer 2

Welcome to Salsa Brava

June Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine

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REINVENTING: The Costa Rica Caribbean, The Surf Girl, The Board Dimension, and The Rivalry

John John Florence graces the cover

Andrew Doheny // Home & Away // 2:45

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Andrew Doheny doesn’t know tire pressure, but he sure knows how to apply his pressure and release some tail

All the action starts at 1:21 — tune in or tune out

2012 Boardshort Buyers Guide

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That time of year is just around the corner

Swap your wettie for some boardies and your neck tan for sunburns

Barkeep…Another Round! ­— Ricky Whitlock

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Have drinks with any five people, alive or dead — who would they be?

Bottoms up — Ricky’s on the prowl

Post Mentawais Tsunami with SurfAid

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Duncan Macfarlane takes you on the ground and in the water with Ry Craike and Dom Wills after the 2010 tsunami in the Mentawai Islands.

SurfAid helps give back to the area that holds the finest waves in the world

Steep & Deep Challenge Finalists

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Grass roots contest held in Sion’s honor narrowed down to seven finalists. Best photos from Pipe to be judged by Pipe Hall of Famers.

Surfers talk about their waves, and Sion

NSSA Surfer of the Month: Nick Marshall

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Nick Rozsa // Mainland Mexico // 5:05

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The homegrown series ventures outside of Ventura to the warm waters of Mexico

And Rozsa looks right at home

Brendon Gibbens // Cape Town, South Africa // 2:43

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Brendon’s either in the tube or the air. You can guarantee that.

BG stomps a big windmill-air-revo at 2:18

You Are Here: Mikala Jones, Survivor

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersThis wave nearly killed him. It was the worst wipeout of his life.

This is his story.

Costa Rica (Caribbean) Teaser

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SURFING’s June feature (on sale today) ventures into the jungles of the Costa Rican Caribbean.

Go and get yourself a copy to see CJ Hobgood, Eric Geisleman, Balaram Stack and Gilbert Brown score in the slab-ridden sea

Ry Craike // Western Australia // 2:04

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Ry goes through the motions — and damn, they’re fine

Would anyone ever leave when this break is in your backyard?

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