Dusty Payne + Gavin Beschen // Micronesia // 4:00

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Skating through the pass — grab-rail cutties, chandeliers and two-hand stalls

Now Playing: Sorry, We’re Open

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The film, in its entirety, for your viewing pleasure

Please silence your cell phones

SUPERbrand’s Sorry, We’re Open Online Premiere

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Ry Craike, Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, and the rest of SUPERbrand Surfboards’ team star in the company’s first movie

It’s playing right here on Wednesday 7/27, and it’s free

Behind the scenes we go

Email From Bali

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Our Bali correspondent regularly sends updates on the island’s surf happenings and potential stories

They’re really quite a good read

September 2011 Issue Wallpaper

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It’s that time of the month again.

New wallpaper from SURFING’s finest. Yay!

Volcom Back to Fiji

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See? See?

Brodie Carr is a benevolent dictator

Slow to wrath; easy to love

J-Bay Final Day: Make His A Double

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Simon Anderson said the waves looked like bad Bells Beach for the final day of the Billabong Pro South Africa

Jordy Smith thought it looked more like $75,000 and a second straight win

You Are Here: Dave Rastovich

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersFive years in the making, Dave Rastovich’s activism movie is still busy making itself…but you might actually get to watch it soon

The ASP: What’s Not to Love?

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They do an amazing job wrangling many and varied un-wrangleable elements — like that flippant slut, Nature

And Kelly Slater

Beyond Classic

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Vans’ all new surf film Get-N Classic drops August 8, but it’s been years in the making

Let’s peek under the hood

Float, The Premiere

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Dillon Perillo, Rip Curl and crew celebrates six months at sea

The Searchreinvigorated and back on film

The Chosen Few

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Nike’s “Chosen” video contest ends during the US Open, in about two weeks — at which point one of these surf clips might take down 40 stacks

J-Bay Day 3: Round 2.5

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Round 2 finally wrapped up after eating 8 of the 11 waiting period days

But whatever — solid 6- to 8-ft. SSW swell on the way for Saturday/Sunday

Year Zero Trailer // 0000

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The Globe team in a gritty, post-apocalyptic world, shot entirely in 16 mm.

Motorcycles. Felines. Surfing.

And Now, A Few Words From Ryan Callinan

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Boy’s a sensation — from our September Issue cover to Billabong’s latest film to claims from Kai Neville himself

Shhh, he speaks

Conner + Parker Coffin // Nicaragua // 5:58

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Sandy tubes and man-dy hacks at the “Fat Boy Surf Camp,” with two Coffin bros., some Volcom friends, and SURFING’s own Tom Carey

Taj Burrow // J-Bay // 1:53

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Surfing by Taj

Editing by Taj

September Issue 2011 Surfing Magazine

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The campaign to save power surfing


J-Bay Day 2: This is the Second Round

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Photos from the first half of Round 2

Looking oh so rippable

Another World Tour

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Returning from a globe-trot, back to the warm waters of Cardiff by the Sea

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