Another World Tour

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Returning from a globe-trot, back to the warm waters of Cardiff by the Sea

Carissa Moore: The First 18 Years

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Riss just won her first of 30 or 40 ASP world titles

Let’s take a look at the road to No. 1

J-Bay Day 1: The Show Must Go On

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Photos from the first round of competition at the Billabong Pro Jeffrey’s Bay

Let’s focus on the positives, shall we?

Get-N-Classic, Volume 1

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Shot at the world’s most exotic and sought after surf spots chronicling Vans’ globetrotting surf crew

Float // Indonesia // 1:22

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Rip Curl’s six-month boat trip across Indonesia, all folded into one final film

This is the trailer for Float

GROM FIGHT! Round 1: Kewalo Basin

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Seth Moniz vs. Josh Moniz

Who wins the fight?

Watch and vote

GROM FIGHT! Round 1: Huntington Beach

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Kalani David vs. Kanoa Igarashi

Who wins the fight?

Watch and vote

Tanner Gudauskas // Jeffreys Bay // 2:54

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No doubt The Occumentary has been on this young lad’s playlist

The thighs, they burn

Out of Office Reply: That (Might Have) Just Happened

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As the much-hyped “swell of the year” poured into Fiji yesterday, associate editor Taylor Paul predicted how it’d all go down

Lost Interest: The New Dane Reynolds Mini-Film

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Our boy Jimmicane just returned from Mexico with Dane and said, “Dane is back, folks.”

Here’s 12 whole minutes of evidence

Lost Atlas Leftovers // 3:38

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Footy from the studio floor of Kai Neville’s new film

…which, hot damn, premieres August 4th in Huntington Beach, and everyone’s invited

You Are Here: Julian Wilson

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersA double alley oop? The first ever 720? The Juli-oop?

He didn’t land it…but he certainly proved the possibility

Rip Curl Cup Opening Ceremony

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32 Invitees Draw Their Heats at Rip Curl Cup Opening Ceremony

Dane & Crew // A Rainy Day in France // 6:08

Video / 12 Comments

A complete time-lapse day (and night) in the life of the pro surfer when faced with an uncooperative French ocean

International Surfing Day 2011

Lightbox / 3 Comments

A global family photo album from this year’s holiday celebrations

Let’s see who got what for ISD

Doheny + Reynolds // Lowers // 2:15

Video / 7 Comments

Droid may have the worst hair in surfing right now

But Warhol would be flattered, and would compliment his gouge

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: J-Bay

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“The dude cried when he won last year! That’s passion! Who are we kidding here? If you don’t have Jordy on your J-Bay roster, you just want to do badly.” —Jimmicane

In the Hamptons, Surfing

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Summer and trendy Montauk surf aesthetes are totally in season

The cultural anthropologist’s dream

Luke Davis // Hawaii // 1:40

Video / 3 Comments

If you thought Louie don’t rush the heavies…

You thought wrong, sir

Lost Atlas Trailer

Video / 6 Comments

This is postmodernism
This is youth on the run

Kai Neville delivers his new film

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