Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Amanda

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The 2013 issue went Down Under with six stunning gals. Would you like us to introduce you?

Part two of six: meet Amanda

Tanner Hendrickson // Hawaii // 2:01


Evidently underrated

Evidence is in the footy

Kyuss King // Byron Bay, Australia // 3:36


Yes, he’s only 12-years-old

Is he the future of Australian surfing?

Joel Parking & Mick Fanning // 21 Days: Episode 1 // 13:42


An in depth look at the lives Parko and Fanning are leading into the start of the 2013 World Tour

Mick Fanning wakes up the dragon

Lost Surfboards Team // North Shore, Oahu // 8:34


February highlights from the North Shore

Wardo, Andino, Ho and more

Timmy Reyes // Northern California // 2:50


When the NPac models glow

…Timmy hits the road north

2013 Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico


4 stars illuminate the Caribbean

It was a grand carnival

Dane Reynolds // Mexico // 2:23


From Mainland Mexico, with love

Dane’s such a romantic

Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Sarah

Swim, Video

The 2013 issue went Down Under with six stunning gals. Would you like us to introduce you?

Part one of six: meet Sarah

Sherm’s in the Band // 26:58


Sherm joins Donavon Frankenreiter as he tours “Start Livin” through Europe

Playing percussion, shooting photos and logging clips

Morgan, Ryan and Kai // 2013 Film Reels


The reels have rolled in

What’s 2013 have in store for these three?

Joao Marco Maffini // Maui // 2:49


Joao’s seventeen and charging with the big boys

Sent from Albee Layer and stamped with his approval

Pipe, Backdoor, Off The Wall // 6:58


The world’s most photographed stretch of coastline

Click play. Now you know.

Jay Davies // Gold Coast, Australia // 3:44


A big man with a big heart and big moves

Does he fly the Lone Star flag?

Fox Team // Santa Cruz // 3:16


Ramps and walls and tubes

Plus, two Damien Hobgood OB bombs

Hot Water For Winter Weather


Tom Carey’s recent Indo outtakes

Feel like daydreaming?

My First Fear


These are two we know of

We have a feeling he’s got more

Nebraska On The North Shore


We sent a Nebraskan to Hawaii

Next year we should send a Hawaiian to Nebraska

Hawaii Pictorial


Eye candy

try to use your third eye for this one

Girl: Alessa Quizon


the Westside of Oahu has a bad reputation

Alessa’s here to set the record straight

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