Jack Freestone // Gold Coast, Australia // 2:36

Video /

80s airbrushes and new age surfing — we like where this is going

Another astonishing aerial acrobat at 2:13

Sherm Moments: Beach Baby

Photos /

Sherm MomentsA young Mark Healey leads Sherm to Da Boyz

They get older, Sherm stays the same age

Back When Shit Was Cool

Magazine /

Secret spots still exist

Except for this one

Pillars of The Road: Pillar VI

Magazine /

An ode to the forgiving nature of France

The stereotypes were all wrong

Pillars of The Road: Pillar V

Magazine /

Jon Rose makes waves in Liberia

Clean water waves

Pillars fo The Road: Pillar IIII

Magazine /

Travel is…

What happens while you’re busy making other plans

Pillars of The Road: Pillar III

Magazine /

The best way to create and forget memories

Be careful who you’re with in Thailand

Instagram: Damien Fahrenfort (@dooma86)

Photos /

iPhone camera + Instagram filters

In a James Earl Jonesesque voice, Dooma shares a few images from California — far from South Africa life

Kalani Chapman & Friends // North Shore, Oahu // 5:00

Video /

A very well-done short film oozing with unique angles and beautiful cinematography

Kalani guides the way and Alex DePhillipo captures all the moments

Pilars of The Road

Magazine /

It’s not your travels that we love

It’s that you travel

Girl: Kim Diggs

Magazine, News /

Meet Kim Diggs

North Carolina’s amber eyed beauty

THETDWS: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Magazine /

Where are we?

Where do we go from here?

Mason Ho // Rocky Point // 2:35

Video /

Big brother steals baby sister’s (Coco Ho) surfboard and looks to be on a mission to test its durability.

Massive floater at 1:08 mark. Adriano would be proud.

Kolohe Andino & Luke Davis // Baja Norte // 3:52

Video /

A refreshing clip of an empty Mexican point. Maybe a cross between Steamer Lane and San Miguel?

It’s textbook. Kolohe and Luke draw lines and read waves like grown men

NSSA Surfer of the Month: Kulia Doherty

News, NSSA Blog /

She’s the Open Womens Western Champion

She hopes to carry her winning-momentum into the Nationals

NSSA Surfer of the Month: Hiroto O’ohara

News, NSSA Blog /

He’s an international star in the making

With a dominating track-record in Japan, Hiroto came to California with hopes of sharpening his skills

March Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine

Magazine /

It’s not your travels that we love

It’s that you travel

That WaveJet

Blogs /

Baby! Take it offChas Smith recalls a jet-propelled North Shore winter.

Headshakes, laughter and applause

Barkeep…Another Round! ­— Sterling Spencer

Blogs /

Have drinks with any five people, alive or dead — who would they be?

Sterling’s selections come from the heart.

Ezekiel Lau // South Shore, Oahu // 4:09

Video /

There were several “Oh, shit!” clips in this edit. 2011 free surfing highlights from Zeke

Easily top five air reverses ever done at 2:15. We’re all thoroughly impressed.

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