California Surf Town: La Jolla

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Welcome to Windansea

Get ready to self-destruct

Sounds: The Shinning Twins

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These girls are unconventional in every way possible

See them live and you’ll know what we’re talking about

Home Makers: Yadin Nicol

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What will a man do for love and a dog you may ask

Move from Margaret river to Santa Barbara is what he’ll do</em

Home Makers: Evan Geiselman

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Evan trades Florida for California

All in the name of surf

Under The Influence: Jared Mell

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Jared Mell’s surf career began with a fistfight?

Let him fill you in on the madness

California: From Diego To The Bay

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This was a big issue

Here’s a little more eye candy for your viewing pleasure

Back When Shit Was Cool

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We never found our next Curren, but we got the Kelly Slater

Now, who’s the next Slater?

Bobby Drives A Prius

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Bobby is outspoken as we all know

So loud that he drives a Prius

The Life of Bobby Vaughn, Part II

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You know those three letters on the nose of Bobby Martinez’s board? FTW? This is the man behind those letters. Story by Chas Smith.

Part two of three: Belly up, Navy SEALs and murder # 2

California: Lightbox

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In Pacific Grove there is a law on the books establishing a $500 fine for molesting butterflies

Flip through this lighbox for more fun facts on the Golden State

Back to School: 2012 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

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School’s back in session and back-to-tour shopping is complete

It is our pleasure to present to you the class of 2013.

California Surf Town: Santa Cruz

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The “original” surf city

Santa Cruz’s past, present and future

Greg Noll // Signature Trunks // 5:23

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Billabong and Greg Noll collaborate to create a limited edition of his “Jailbird” trunks

We don’t throw around “badass” too often, but Da Bull is badass

Cody Thompson & Fisher Heverly // Central America // 3:52

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When life gives Cody lemons — he makes lemonade. When nature strips him of his boardshorts — he still gets shacked.

Some deep tubes and full-rotation aerials in very playful Central America

May Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine

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California Surf Towns

Sometimes postcards lie: La Jolla and Santa Cruz

The Life of Bobby Vaughn, Part I

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You know those three letters on the nose of Bobby Martinez’s board? FTW? This is the man behind those letters. Story by Chas Smith.

Part one of three: An orphan, murder # 1 and Tommy Lee

Evan Geiselman // Mentawais, Indonesia // 3:11

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Everything Evan does looks good — from his tail whips to his hair whips

One of the best web-vids of the year. Three minutes of highlight-worthy clips.

InfluencING Keanu Asing

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Everything you ever do, see or hear influences your behavior and future decisions.

Keanu on the Wiz Khalifa, Chuck Taylors and D. Wade

Taj Burrow // Western Australia // 5:48

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The latest work of art captured by Rick Rifici

This is 300 frames a second — slowed down just enough to digest and appreciate the idiosyncrasies of Mr. Burrow

Ten Photos: Tom Carey’s CA Winter

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Tom Carey is a one man traveling circus of action photos, here are ten he chose from this past winter.

And Tommy Gun sure can shoot

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