Tear It Down, Build It Up Again

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From the Editor, Travis FerreFrom the Editor is about working for and making a surf magazine, and all that comes with it

This week: three issues off to the printer — but it’s OK, there’s always another one. Onward to Bells

Billabong Bloodlines // Part 4 of 4 // 16:13

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Full-length short film produced out of the Billabong house at Off the Wall during this year’s Bloodlines junior camps

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Bells Beach

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Simpo’s secret weapon, who I chose to replace Freddy P, and why I picked Slater against my own personal principles

Renaissance Coming: Exhibit B

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Grinding on the WQS for your shot at a world title doesn’t appeal to every professional surfer — nor does it appeal to a lot of the surfing public, as companies are beginning to realize

Wanna Go Back to Our Little Glass Shacks

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Memories of our 2010/2011 winter in Hawaii

NSSA Standout of the Week: Keto Burns

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Where SURFING recognize surfers before they’re recognizable

Seven Ghosts: The Bono // 4:43

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Is it true? Tom Curren says bono means it’s true. We’ll take his word for it.

Slater + Burrow + Mathews // Ours // 2:00

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If your World Title rival were 20 yards behind you on a ski, would you “accidentally” tow him in a little too deep? Taj and Kelly play nice at Sydney’s most wicked wave

10 Photos // Barbados // Tom Carey

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Tom on the lens. Jimmicane on the forecast. Wardo, Kerrzy, Mason and Droid in the barrel

Seven Ghosts: Tidal Fantasy // 3:10

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The Search continues as Tom Curren and Rip Curl crew score a remote Indonesian tidal bore complete with chocolate-covered barrels

The White Party

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A respite from the surf means back to Palm Springs, where gay men party in the same boardies as you or I

Renaissance Coming: Exhibit A

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A look at the biggest names and events in surfing over the last 12 months reveals an unmistakable trend

In this five-part series we examine the tremors that hint at a cultural schism in the sport’s core

Out of Office Reply: Billabong XXL Picks

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Out of Office ReplyAssociate Editor Taylor Paul’s winners.

“Take them as fact,” he says.

Clay Marzo // Breakfast with a Stripper // 4:01

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Backside ripping on a ledgy right, banana pancakes, and a chick who takes off her clothes for money

Tyler Newton // HAW & AUS // 2:13

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A coupla pipes and a coupla punts

NSSA Standout of the Week: Amy Nicholl

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Where SURFING recognize surfers before they’re recognizable

10 Photos // Indian Ocean // Nate Lawrence

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Lineups from Western Australia to deepest Indonesia, to remind what exists. To remind what’s possible

Photos by Nate Lawrence

You Are Here: Luke Studer, Shaper

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersMore surfers, more boards. More waves, more broken boards. Shaping in Bali just makes sense

Julian Wilson // Gas Bay // 1:30

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While the rest of the crew were chasing down massive Margaret River, Julian opted for a wedging beach break and some massive airs

The Ambassador

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Australian surfer Adrian “Ace” Buchan is one of the tour’s most astute thinkers. We asked him to break down Kelly’s winning formula, Freddy P’s assertion that the tour “is heading in the wrong direction” and Dane Reynolds’ potential absence from competitive surfing

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