Ian Walsh // Indonesia // 2:09

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Walshy tallies more tube time

This time, outside of Bali

Richie Vas, Surfing Warrior

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Baby! Take it offRichie kicked Chas Smith’s ass a few years back, living out the fantasy of so many Internet haters.

But Chas swears revenge

Innersection: Past, Present and Future

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The last of a 3-part interview with Innersection’s Nathan Myers. “We still love all the mainstream stuff, but Innersection is kind of its own little country,” says Myers.

And you don’t even need a passport to enter

Taylor Clark // California // 2:15

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Taylor’s a winner — lately, he’s had lots of success in both the NSSA and Primes.

Oh yeah, he got the call up to compete against the elite as a wildcard at the Rip Curl Search SF last week

Innersection: Past, Present and Future

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Part 2 of a 3-part interview with Innersection’s Nathan Myers. “In the end, we’re more concerned about quality projects than view counts,” says Myers.

But why can’t you have your cake and eat it too?

CEO of People’s Hearts

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After a six year reign over professional surfing, Brodie Carr resigns.

Innersection: Past, Present and Future

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Part 1 of a 3-part interview with Innersection’s Nathan Myers. “People are wondering if the project is losing momentum or heading in an unknown direction,” says Myers.

Well, is it?

SURFING Teams with Bikini Bird

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Because swimsuits and babes are as much a part of surf culture as sand and sun.

But way better to look at and discuss.

Bobby Martinez Plays Tennis

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Bobby’s back! After falling off the tour a couple months ago, Martinez returns to internet stardom.

French Connexion // France // 3:35

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The boys are back in town

A brief stint between busy travel schedules

Volcom Crew // West Oz // 8:47

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After a 10 hour drive up the coast, team Volcom find a reeling left hander.

Ry Craike shows the boys the ropes

Mitch Crews // East Coast, USA // 3:59

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The sky’s black and white, with or without the filter.

Crewsy in deep.

ASP: Just Kidding, Ke??y

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According to Kelly, he still needs to make a heat to be crowned the champ.

Did anyone check the math on his other titles? Cork the champagne and put it back on ice.

Taj, Jay, Chippa, & Kelly // Tavarua // 3:08

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Riley Blakeway and crew sail off into the sunset.

A life well lived!

Kelly Slater Wins 11th World Title

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Kelly surprises none and delights all en route to his final World Title.

But is he really done? Like, really really?

AI Forever

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A year after Andy Irons’ passing, we remember our hero.

We celebrate his life.

Cruisin’ in Santa Cruz

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Jimmicane and co. tour the central California coast and find some gems among the slop.

(And yes, he’s still “#givinithell.” Sorry, we can’t control him.)

Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

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All the best rubber from the very best wetsuit manufacturers.

Presented by Jacks

You Are Here: Nick Carroll, Journalist

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersAfter thirteen years of surfboard tests and three decades of writing about boards, what has surfing’s most prolific contributor learned about our wave-riding tools?

The Arab Fall

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“I hadn’t gone to Arabia looking for bad guys. I had gone there to explore the remote coast and find Khareef swells rolling in from the South Indian Ocean.”

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