ING x NYC Episode 1

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This episode: Jimmicane and friends celebrate Asher Nolan’s trials win before the contest gets underway in Long Beach

First in a series depicting the gruesome good time we’ve had…are still having…in New York

November Issue 2011 Surfing Magazine

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Less routine, more life

Formula None

Three Reasons Not to Leave New York

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The 2011 New York Surf Film Festival: Three days of surf movies in Greenwich Village, starting Thursday

Guess we’re not going home yet

Read About the Fletchers In Your Sunday Times

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Chas Smith’s story is in today’s issue of the Grey Lady

In the NYT Style magazine, of course

Quiksilver Pro New York Final Day: Owen Wright Victorious

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“September 9th, 2011 is now officially the greatest day in East Coast surfing history. It really could not get any better. “ –Jimmicane

Quiksilver Pro New York Day 3

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“East Coasters, as you’ve probably noticed, are a prideful group — so after the first couple days of competition in shit conditions and with people all over the world complaining about the lack of quality waves, we were relieved when the good side of Long Beach finally showed.” —Jimmicane

Lost Atlas Deleted Scenes // Sumbawa // 3:55

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The film’s final section comes from this trip with John John Florence, Mitch Coleborn, Dusty Payne & Chippa Wilson

How good is it?

Even this stuff didn’t make the cut

Sherm’s Gallery: NYC Vol. 1

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Moments from around and beyond the Quiksilver Pro, as captured through the lens of Steve Sherman

…and the lips of Bobby Martinez

Quiksilver Pro New York Day 1

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“I know it wasn’t ideal, but they had to run today. You need four days of competition for a WT event and four days is a lot when you’re talking about the East Coast.” —Jimmicane

You Are Here: Chris Del Moro

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersHe arrived with no art and left with no art, but somewhere in between there was art

Here’s the missing scene from Chris’s “reclaimed” Bali art show

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: New York

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He knows the ASP better than most — and he knows East Coast surfing even better than that

So when Jimmicane lays out Quik Pro New York predictions, we quiet down and listen

Droid, Mitch Crews + Friends // New Jersey // 5:36

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The Electric crew absolutely score flawless New Jersey — big thanks to Hurricane Irene

It’s quite dark, a bit ominous, but plenty of light at the end of the tunnel.

Mason Ho // South Shore, Oahu // 7:53

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It’s 2011, yes, but this session’s jazzy tempo is reminiscent of Cosmic Children

…And They’re Back

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They’ve returned a bit banged up — Dane with sore ribs, Yadin with eight screws in his ankle — but reeling nonetheless

Dane’s plans for the Quiksilver Pro New York look suspect at best…

Aaron Cormican // New Jersey // 5:46

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It’s post-Irene in the Garden State…

And this is The Situation

Julian Wilson // Lower Trestles // 2:53

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A fresh Mayhem, some green wetties, and the chest-high swells of summertime

All the ingredients for a trip down the trail

Taylor Clark // Lowers // 3:20

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Logging the hours and the airs on Lowers’ lefthand racetrack

Practice makes perfect

Journey to Cloud 9

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The phone rings

A surf trip is in the works: Alana Blanchard and team Reef, set against the Philippines’ classic righthand tube

Jimmicane graciously volunteers to tag along

Expect the Best, Prepare For the Best

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As Irene came and went in NYC, another sort of storm was brewing

Something Quik Pro this way comes

Billabong Pro Tahiti Final Day: Ke11y Wins, Takes Ratings Lead

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Beats Owen Wright in a heaving final

Moves one step closer to Keleven

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