Out of Office Reply: How to Lose Heats and Sell Boardshorts

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Out of Office ReplyA Sunday morning surf with Rip Curl Search wildcard Dillon Perillo.

We won’t bet on him, but we’ll root for him!

Mason Ho // California // 4:39

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It’s time to steal away. Road trippin’ with Mason Ho towards colder pastures.

Your Weekend Should Sound Like This: Peter Taras Addition

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DJ RePete coming through to you on a lovely Saturday morning with the return of Weekend Sounds

Gray, Reynolds, Knost and Droid // We’ll Never Tell (Again) // 4:23

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An eclectic and beautiful mix of surfers do their own thing in the Pacific Ocean.

How ’bout them soul arches

Dillon Perillo // Bali, Indonesia // 3:08

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He’s got the new-age flair, but also something timeless about his carving approach

His chances as the wildcard at the Rip Curl Pro Search SF?

You Are Here: Conner Coffin, Samurai-surfer

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersMeditation upon inevitable heat loss should be performed daily and during every contest. This way, you will surf his best. This is the way of the samurai-surfer.

De Amor Y Arte, New Visions from the Old World

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Welcome to Sergio Villalba and Javi Muñoz vision of surfing.

December 2011 Issue Wallpaper

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Lawrence, Struntz + pumping Japan + all star cast = guaranteed golden imagery

John John Florence // Supertubos, Portugal // 2:48

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With offshore square caverns on offer, John John compares Supertubos to his backyard of Pipeline.

Florence collects his 9th and heads to San Francisco

Sterling Spencer // Florida // 3:14

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Sterls has come out of retirement and returned to his homeland

Consider his career revived

Bruce Irons // Teahupo’o, Tahiti // 4:35

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From the swell people will be talking about for many years

Bruce Irons relives the heaviest tow day EVER, in the most-nonchalant Bruce Irons sort of way

Conner Coffin & Parker Coffin // Bali // 5:25

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The Young Wise Tails leave their stamp on Bali, pom poms and all.

Josh Kerr & Asher Pacey // Mexico // 12:04

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The boys leave their homes in search of warm water right handers deep in Mexico.

And damn well did they find them

December Issue 2011 Surfing Magazine

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We Love Japan (twice)

The trip was a last-minute circus-turned-typhoon-chase with Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino, Yadin Nicol and Conner Coffin

Michael Dunphy & Fisher Heverly // OBX // 3:14

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The Outer Banks just has that special little sparkle, doesn’t it?

Globe’s 0000, Now Available

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It premiered across the Globe, stoking out audiences in their post-apocalyptic way.

See what everyone has been talking about

Brett Barley // North Carolina // 2:12

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It’s the first in a series of B-clips after filming for Innersection.

Brown backside barrels by Bretty Barley.

Best of Three: Kelly Slater Victorious at Lowers

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In round III, Kelly bests Owen to take the lead in the series: Kelly 2, Owen 1.

This may just be our best work yet

The Bodysurfer’s Toolkit: Winner & Photo Gallery

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We asked for your bodysurf photos and got over a hundred

We’re still digging the sand out —

But meantime, here are some highlights

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