Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Day 3 by Steve Sherman

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Timeless shots from Carissa’s win and the rest of a day to remember

You Are Here: J-Flo

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersThe doctors can’t find anything wrong with Jeremy Flores…but then, they haven’t seen Sterling Spencer’s video

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Day 3: “Little Pricks” Deliver Climax

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What drove Taj to put together a history making total and eliminate Adriano de Souza from the Quik Pro today?

“I really wanted to beat him. He’s a competitive little prick…like me.”—Taj Burrow

Quik Pro Day 2 in Black & White

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Moments and portraits from the long-awaited return of competition in Coolangatta

Photos by Steve Sherman

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Day 3: The Elusive Trio

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The mix of fortune, skill and sea-faring knowledge got competitors through Round 3 at the Quiksilver Pro today. But the evening beer chatter was all reserved for the performance of young Australian Matt Wilkinson

Sherm: Mission Accomplished

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Sherm Industries hits its benchmark hours after the initial public offering

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Day 2: Goofballs and Mushburgers

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Combine mush and high (hmmm…) stakes with the seasoning of desperation typical of the loser’s round, and you’ve got a recipe for comedy

You Are Here: Steve Sherman

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersPassion, patience and personality define Sherm’s epic body of work…on sale now

NSSA Standout of the Week: Nolan Rapoza

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Where SURFING recognize surfers before they’re recognizable.

Zoltan Torkos Pulls First Kickflip on a Surfboard

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Go ahead and see it now, so you can get back to your life

You Are Here: Jimmy Kinnaird

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersThe 20-year-old filmmaker knows just what he wants of life. He’s doing it right now

Who Sponsors Backdoor?

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As in, the wave itself?

Part of a series on how surfing might better capitalize on social media

Apocalypse Dudes

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From the Editor, Travis FerreThis is what happens when waves don’t break on the Gold Coast

Barney: Conversation with a Legend

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The man has been the man for decades now. Let us not forget. Let us be reminded.

Photos and interview by Tom Carey

Danny Fuller + Makua Rothman // Pipeline // 3:20

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Highlights from the 2010/2011 winter at Pipe

Directed by Danny Fuller

Billabong Bloodlines // Part 1 of 4: The ISA Crew

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Video and gallery from Billabong’s elite junior surf camp on the North Shore

Matt Meola’s Winning Innersection

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The video that nabbed a 21-year-old Maui unknown $100k

If You Want Healey, This is What I’ll Give Ya

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Out of Office ReplyUnderwater meditation, poking sharks, and going left at Maverick’s: Outtakes from the Mark Healey interview in SURFING’s Hawaii Issue

Mason Ho // Earth // 4:02

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All around ripping from this generation’s underground overachiever — to the sounds of Slick Rick

Barkeep…Another Round! ­— Warren Smith

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It’s like your fantasy drinking team. Warren Smith drafts a roster of history makers and intellectuals

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