Balaram, Geiselman, Hobgood // Caribbean, Costa Rica // 5:19


Footy from our June Issue featuring the right side of Costa Rica.

Eric doubles downs on the wave of the trip @4:14

Cooper Chapman & Ace Buchan // Mid Coast, Australia // 2:37


Coop and Ace do their thang — what a contrast between approaches

So, which do you prefer?

Barkeep…Another Round! ­— Jason Harris


Have drinks with any five people, alive or dead — who would they be?

Dirty Harry prefers to toast with movie and sports stars

John John Florence Wins Billabong Rio Pro


…and Parko tops the World Tour ratings with a runner-up finish

Is it really too soon to call it John John’s year?

Ten Photos: Jimmicane Does Mexico


It is no secret that Mainland Mexico holds some of the best sandbar pointbreaks in the world.

Tubes, hacks and more tubes. Jimmicane with a solid score on this trip

Dave Rastovich // North Shore, Oahu // 7:44


A short film depicting Rasta’s approach to alternative equipment and alternative waves on the North Shore

Rasta sets the mood on his Uke and it’s beautiful — like his surfing and long-flowing hair

Blake Jones // Nicaragua // 1:28


Nicaragua’s a short escape from Blake’s hometown in Florida

Now watch him go

Mason Ho: Living Frenzy


Mason just wants to have fun

Surfing naked in heats is apart of the fun

In The Jungle Where Our Brains Were Showing


It may have been something we ate

Third-world waterbeds

Girl: Frankie Harrer


She has the record for most NSSA wins in a season

You can’t win in freesurfing

Threat: Beau Foster


The hair may be a nuisance in the water

On land with the ladies it does nothing, but good

Sounds: A$AP Rocky

Magazine, Sounds

“Graduate school of hard knocks, I can show you my degrees/ Couple A, B, C’s, bad bitch double-D’s/ Popping E, I don’t give a F, told you I’m a G.”

Noise Makers: Internet Commenter


The commenter loves to make noise

We should all read and laugh hysterically

Noise Makers: Travis Ferré


Travis Ferré likes to make noise

We should all listen

Noise Makers: Mitch Abshere


Mitch Abshere likes to make noise

We should all listen

Noise Makers: Albee Layer


Albee Layer loves to make noise

We should all listen to him

Under The Influence: Matt Wilkinson


He’s the lead act in surfing’s main event

Wilko, under the influence

THETDWS: Surfers And The Art Of Complex Personality


Surfers are boring people

The Chas Smith Foundation for the Creation of Robust Surf Personality will cure the boredom

Back When Shit Was Cool


We miss you MP

Eternal legend


Lightbox, Photos

Ever wonder what those photogs use

Here’s all the proper info

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