The Boat Trip

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You swore never again to save all year for a $4,000 yacht charter where you spend more time playing video games than surfing…

Chomp Proper // Maui // 3:40

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Matt Meola, Albee Layer, Hank Gaskell and Dege O’Connell’s three-day edit for Nike’s video contest is def worth a check-out

We’d never say we told you so, but…

ISD: Newport Beach

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Associate Editor Taylor Paul recounts an International Surfing Day spent on TV, in the tube and at the beach

An ISD well surfed

Vans Joins Dane Reynolds

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…or the other way around.

Either way. Either way.

Pirate Raid // Lower Trestles // 1:56

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A horde of soft-topping youths storm Lowers because it’s “been tooken over by old men,” and make a strong case for year-round schooling in the process

Blow Up // Trailer #2 // 1:37

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The film goes live for free online July 1st

Until then, nibble on this…

Don’t Forget!

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Monday June 20th is International Surfing Day

Design For Humanity 2011

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Stunning females in bikinis, a steady flow of alcohol and Edward Sharpe — all while supporting Saving the Music for VH1.

And did we mention females in bikinis?

Heathrow to Hong Kong

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Ruminations on our sport’s impending red tide, from 35,000 feet

Gromsearch 2011: Huntington Beach

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Small surfers, big photo gallery from the first Rip Curl Gromsearch stop of the year in HB

You Are Here: Shawn Briley

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersThe classic North Shore charger makes a brief appearance between waves of the day…just like old times

10 Photos // Enter Summer

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We pulled a dozen A-grade surf shots from around the world to light your summer fire — then we killed the weakest two, because you deserve only the best

Mason Ho // Worldwide // 3:08

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Recklessly driving through tubes — and the streets of Australia. Plus see airs without trac pads, Mason’s ass, and that oh-so-popular backside floater

It’s all right here

About to Blow Up

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Filmmaker Victor Pakpour swears Billabong’s new surf movie, out this month, will burn the house down


Conner Coffin // Fred Rubble // 2:52

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Meet Fred Rubble: Conner’s new playmate

Yabba Dabba Doo

And Now, A Few Words From Carissa Moore

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You know she’ll probably win a world title next month, right?

Thanks for the Dinner & the Sex

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Just in case you missed the premiere… An encore presentation of Dion Agius’ new flick.

Our Favorite Party of the Year is Back

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Tickets for Billabong Girls’ Design for Humanity event are on sale now.

Out of Office Reply: Shane Dorian and the V1 Vertical Ascent

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XXL champ speaks on his new life-saving wetsuit

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