Cody Thompson + Chase Wilson // Newport Beach // 1:35

Video /

The hottest hundred yards can still be the funnest hundred, even when it’s cold out

Mick + Joel + Koby // South Australia // 3:50

Video /

Six-foot slabs give way to a nice wide bank for the boys to lean into

Barkeep…Another Round! ­— Matt Meola

Blogs /

Have drinks with any five people, alive or dead — who would they be?

April Issue 2011 Surfing Magazine

Magazine /

The North Shore Underground. Let’s give credit where credit’s due

SURFING Magazine’s 2011 Swimsuit Issue is Coming April 5th

Swim, Video /

Get your first look at the 2011 Swimsuit Issue.

Coffin Bros. + Dillon Perillo // Santa Barbara // 5:32

Video /

Fun-size Rincon getting taken apart by Conner, Parker and Dillon

The iSurfboard?

News /

New computer-surfboard hybrid translates style into stats

Creative Destruction: Chapter 6 // Part 2

Video /

A stacked crew scored P-Pass barrels so heavy, it’s guitarded

The Ennd is Near

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Corona presents Innersection’s $100,000 GoPro Hero Award Show on the Gold Coast

Ry Craike // W.A. // 4:25

Video /

Left-hand huckabout in the rural Australian west

The Sound and the Fury

Blogs /

Baby! Take it Off! By Chas SmithSunny Garcia: tax-evading awesome. Jeremy Flores: autograph-evading awesome. Their tag-team of an Australian provocateur: pure beauty

Dirty Harry: Volume 2 Teaser

Video /

Jason Harris returns with a second round of action

Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores involved in Gold Coast Fight

News /

No charges have been made against Garcia while Flores is disqualified from competition

Out of Office Reply: Paddling Jaws

Blogs, Editorial /

Out of Office ReplyThe real story — and real significance — of Peahi’s recent paddle sesh. Starring Danilo Couto

Gallery: A Very Hawaiian February

Photos /

When the surf industry leaves on December 20th, the party doesn’t stop. And by the looks of Tom Carey’s images, we were just there for the pregame.

5 O’Clock Doodle

Art, Blogs /

By Joey Stevens
Drawing 5 of 5

NSSA Standout of the Week: Jake Marshall

News /

Where SURFING recognize surfers before they’re recognizable.

Jack Freestone // Coolangata // 3:15

Video /

Australia’s next big export… a competitive wiz and a future World Tour contender

Heath Joske // Valla Beach // 2:35

Video /

Aussie lumberjack compliments new school flair

Chippa Wilson’s Frontside Big Spin

Video /

This is next level shit right here

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