Mick Fanning vs. Taylor Knox // Mexican Right Handers // 3:35


As the World Tour season commences, World Tour competitors look for waves that mimic the next event

Fanning and Knox find Snapper similarities in Mexico. So, who won the heat?

Follow the Light Foundation 2012: Call for Entries


Now in its seventh year, the FTLF continues to recognize photographers on the rise and help fuel their vision

What’s your vision

Evan Geiselman // Southern California // 3:18


This is the surfing Evan did leading up to his Australian Open final appearance — and it looked like this.

No wonder boy wonder almost won. Check the seven second head-high tube ride to cap-off the clip @2:56

Repainting Pipeline: Duncan Macfarlane


Repainting Pipeline

New perspectives on an old wave

Repainting Pipeline: DJ Struntz


Repainting Pipeline

New perspectives on an old wave

Repainting Pipeline: Ryan Miller


Repainting Pipeline

New perspectives on an old wave

Under The Influence: Aamion Goodwin


Aamion should write a book about surf travel

He’s making a movie instead

Hawaiian Way Of Life: Portfolio

Magazine, Photos

Moments from the Seven Mile Miracle

2011-2012 North Shore season

Nick Rozsa // Santa Barbara // 5:01


Part IV of Chris Papaleo’s Homegrown Series featuring Nick Rozsa

What a marriage between two creative individuals — like Sonny and Cher or Simon and Garfunkel. Waves start pumping @3:23

Heavy Lies The Crown: Eddie & Makaukai


The Rothman’s have staked a claim on the North Shore

“I want to carry on aloha, carry on Hawaii, carry on the culture and the language”, says Makua

The Warrior: Zeke Lau


“There are certain characteristics of wanting to win and working hard that I see in Zeke that I saw in Andy”, says Dave Riddle

Zeke Lau seems poised to take his competition surfing to the next level

You Are Here: Matt Meola, Internet surfer


You Are Here, Nathan MyersMaui’s tandem shredders launch a new web series to smash stereotypes, blow minds and chill out at home.

There’s no “I” in The Isle

What Is The Hawaiian Way Of Life?


It’s a legitimate question to ask

Chas gets a legitimate answer

Girl: Kelia Moniz


Growing up with four brothers taught Kelia how to compete

Just look at her track record in women’s long boarding

Threat: Koa Rothman


Koa Rothman lives by a simple model

“If you make the barrel, you weren’t deep enough”

Google Earth Update


The contest is fully swinging and we love the entries thus far.

“Better than Rincon, maybe??!!”

April Issue 2012 Surfing Magazine


This issue begins at Lei Lei’s with Chas Smith. Mai tais and Kona lagers. Poke, salmon and rib racks.

The Hawaiian way of life.

On a Dime Trailer // 5:19


The Santa Barbara contingency is alive and well — can’t wait to see the completed version

Highlights from Bobby, Kelly, Coffins, Reynolds and Guduaskas’.

Maverick Moments: Episode 1 // 11:22


Slo-mos! Core score way up. Mark Healey and Shane Dorian in 1500 frames/sec

Jump straight into the action at 2:12 and hold onto your hats

NSSA Surfer of the Month: Corey Howell

News, NSSA Blog

When the East Coast Regionals went down, he caught fire and won four titles in one week.

People started talking — a major threat to the national title

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