You Are Here: Timmy Curran, Musician

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersThe songs don’t come easy, but he gives it away for nothing

Kerrzy + Friends // Bali // 4:19


If you can say this isn’t the most impressive, progressive, excessive four minutes of surfing you’ve ever seen thrown together…well, you just might be a dishonest person

Jordy v2.0

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Sterling Spencer takes command of his career, changes name to Jordy

USA Surf Team, Episode 3 + 4 // Peru // 10:06


The USA Team faces a few close losses and are relegated to the repercharge round

SURFING x Rip Curl Present The Search


A large format, 100-page special collaboration issue from us and the Curl to you

The Search is out. Search it out

The End of Amateur Surfing

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It just wasn’t paying the bills

July Issue 2011 Wallpaper


Highlights from the Tourist Issue in widescreen

2011 NSSA Westerns Results


It’s that time, when all our NSSA Surfers of the Week start sniffing big year-end trophies at their regional championships

Here’s Huntington…

God Went Surfing With the Devil


Surfing amid the Israel-Palestine conflict: this reminds us of some Vice shit

Really Pretty Girls Under 21


Or: “Photos from the Nike 6.0 Leave a Message premiere in Los Angeles.”

Either way.

USA Surf Team, Episode 2 // Peru // 10:48


The US Team excels in the larger conditions at Senoritas and Caballeros with all members advancing on day one. Go USA!

Innersection: Winter Round Qualifiers


Making the first cut:
Albee Layer
Richard Christie
Reubyn Ash
Nat Young
Jamie O’Brien

And Now, A Few Words From Wilko


The 22-year-old World Tour surfer on life in and around the jersey

Kerrzy + Wardo + Mason // Barbados // 3:28


One of the biggest scores in the past year, cut to three and a half sweet minutes

Andy’s Family

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His autopsy report delayed again; our thoughts on the matter

Nic Lamb // Puerto Escondido // 0:23


One wave
One barrel
One derful

Floating On at the Billabong Rio Pro


A reader’s eloquent thoughts on the contest’s judging today

We felt compelled to share

Volcom Annihilator Series: Sion Milosky


Paying tribute to a fellow surfer, friend and father

July Issue 2011 Surfing Magazine


The Tourist Issue. Relax, unwind and drink it in.

An Open Letter to Surf Team Managers

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Regarding the status of Bobby Martinez

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