Yadin Nicol’s North Shore Sleds

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An ostentatious, offensive, over-the-top display of surfboard wealth: Yades’ Hawaii quiver. Yeah we’re jealous

O’neill World Cup of Surfing Sunset Beach: Day 1

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Kammies and Vals attempt to do their best Sunset Beach impression. Northern hemisphere still unable to produce the goods

North Shore Underground: The Criteria

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How do we dole out Vans’ $25,000 slush fund to our Underground Surfer of the Year? We don’t. We wait for him to step up and claim it

Ry Craike & His Toy

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A rip clip entitled “344 Seconds of Spring,” because down under, winter is over

Tasmanian Tunnels From Within

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Marti Paradisis uses his GoPro to give this east Tas slab its regular colonoscopy

Historic Katin Pro/Am Returns to Huntington Beach

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., (December 6, 2010) – For the third consecutive year, the legendary Katin Pro/Am Team Challenge presented by […]

January 2011 Issue Wallpaper

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Freshen up your desktop!

Gimme the Lodown

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Give us the lowdown on Hawaii. We’ll give you the limited edition Hawaii Lodown watch from Nixon

The North Shore’s Longest Wave

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…doesn’t even move. Ripping the rivermouth during this damn dirty flat spell

North Shore Underground: Hank on Hank

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“Nearly everything went to plan.” —Hank Gaskell, whose amateur record presaged bigger things than this

Ozzie Wright Paints Craig Anderson + An Electric Rainbow

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Ozzie & Craig collaborate with all the colors of the rainbow for “Things That Are Dead,” a multimedia exploration of the amazing

Who is J.O.B. Trailer

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A few quick snippets of Jamie’s newest signature film. A taste of the batter before the cake. Enjoy.

Out of Office Reply: Hawaii Through Fresh Eyes

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Because after 40 years of clichés…damn

North Shore Underground: The Mikey Episode

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From a lanai overlooking Pipeline, Mikey Bruneau lays down the realities of a surf paycheck lost — and a new career just beginning

Innersection: You Made It, You Review It

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After 26 simultaneous Black Friday premiers…what’s the score on Taylor Steele’s latest brainchild? Maybe better you tell us

Second Helpings of Pipeline

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That classic mid-November swell served up so many tunnels that we’re still enjoying the leftovers. Video from Pete Hodgson

North Shore Underground: Sion Milosky — The Story So Far

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His ascendant in the Hawaiian surf scene at the unlikely age of 35. How? Sion explains the path he’s traveled

North Shore Underground: What Could the SURFING Cover Do For You?

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Since getting our Hawaii Issue cover last season, a lot has changed for underground charger Mike Pietsch — but a lot hasn’t

Out of Office Reply: Down With the Ship

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Derek Dunfee came into the office to show us his new movie. Not for the squeamish

NSSA Standout of the Week: Kulia Doherty

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Where SURFING recognizes surfers before they’re recognizable.

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