Nat Young Wins The Arnette Pro Junior


Nat Young (Santa Cruz, CA), 17, won the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) North America Pro Junior Series Grade-3 Arnette

Castles In L.A.


Dustin Humphrey on center stage It was definitely a teaser. A flirtatious peep show of what the world looks like

Volcom Recycle’s Your Boardshorts


video VOLCOM V.Co-Logical Series presents: “Recycle Your Old Boardshorts For a Good Cause”. All you need to do is drop

Short Shorts


We’ve noticed a new body part recently, called “knees,” living justabove our shins. Apparently they were always there, but they

Interesting Moments with Owen Wright


In anticipation of the coming issue’s “7 Days With Owen Wright”feature, we’d like to share a few interesting moments from

Crazy For The Storm


Photos: Cover Photograph by Mark McEvoy/MILLENNIUM; Design by Allison Saltzman, Norman at a year old on dad’s back: Pat Solomon

Girls Of The ASP


The women of pro surfing get something of a raw deal. When it comes to performance, they’re graded asexually: “Whatever,

Lavese Las Manos


The video will be available in July, check for more details.

Surf Tips With Peggy Hall


“Will Surf for Food” Okay, I’ll admit it: in the old days, I didn’t care what I was eating, as

Brace Yourselves


{{{Sterling}}} Spencer; Florida panhandle Disclaimer: The snarky sub-head is in no way meant to diminish the danger of tropical systems.

Chippa Who?


Chippa Wilson Feb – Apr ’09 from Nick Brooks on Vimeo. Chippa Wilson. You might want to get used to

The Yakutat Expedition: Part 3


Exploring the Icy WavesThe best part aside from surfing about an Alaska surf trip are the daily natural distractions experienced

Alejo Muniz wins the 2009 Oakley Pro Junior Brazil


Alejo Muniz was today crowned Oakley Pro Junior Brazil champion in front of a mass of screaming fans at Itajai,



Squalling guitars and rambunctious fits of drumming are the kindling to Tim Casher’s lyrical inferno in Cursive’s sixth studio album,

Mattson 2


They’re best with a glass of cheap red in a warm, smoky lounge. Or soaking in those final minutes of



It lands somewhere between a pissed off Minus the Bear and a caged up Botch. “I’d say we play intricate

The Dutchess and the Duke


Course, scratchy and beautiful. “I would call it heavy folk or loner folk,” explains lead vocalist Jesse Zortz of their

Grand Ole Party


You can’t pack much more raw soul or sex appeal into one album. From the moment lead singer (and drummer)

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