2007 Quiksilver Pro France Day 2


On Like Donkey KongCONDITIONS: 6 foot chambres de amour (love shacks)HEATS HELD: Heat 5 of Round 1, Heats 7-16 of […]

Benny Bash


After six years on the WQS, you’d think nothing could shock North Carolina surfer Ben Bourgeois. But when the former […]

2007 Quiksilver Pro France Day 1


The Prince Of TidesCONDITIONS: 3-4 backlight hollow rightsHEATS HELD: Heats 1-6 of Round 1NATURE’S CALL: Should be pumping tomorrowPREDICTIONS: Get […]

Are You Kidding Me?


Tapas, Red Wine, rippable waves and Debauchery kick off day one of the Nixon Surf Challenge Wild in the cobblestone […]

Bros Of Summer


Astronomers know summer’s ended by the autumnal equinox – the date when day and night are approximately the same length. […]

A Bugs Eye View


To the victor go the spoils, right?The long haul over the Atlantic provided more then ample time to reflect on […]

Where’s Lizzy: The Tuamotus and The Marquesas


Wow, this feels amazing. My anchor is down after the six-day passage from Marquesas to the Tuamoutus. Swell is tucked […]

Dire Situation For Mentawai Islanders


DIRE SITUATION FOR MENTAWAI ISLANDERS AS SURFAID LAUNCHES EARTHQUAKE APPEALHumanitarian aid organisation, SurfAid International, has launched an urgent appeal to […]

WQS Update With Al Hunt


Very little this week on the WQS side of things with just the 3-Star Zarautz Surf Pro event in Spain […]

Greetings From China Part 3


BARRELLED IN CHINAConfucius say, never trust an east coast weather map. We’re thinking we’ve run out of swell and we’re […]

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