To Rag On The Mag: A Reader’s Take On Surf-Spot Exploitation

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Everybody is all pissed off. Every year the waves get more crowded, more people move into town, and tensions get […]

2005 Quiksilver King Of The Peak – Kyle Garson Wins

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Kyle Garson was in North Carolina preparing for the WRV Outer Banks Pro when he heard some of the most […]

2005 Nova Schin WCT Brazil – Event Wrap-Up: Kelly Slater Wins The Title; Damien Hobgood Wins The Event

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Damo Wins the Battle,Kelly Wins the WarDamien gets the royal victory parade SURF: 3-4 feet and moderately onshoreEVENTS HELD: Men’s […]

How Do They Do That? Where Does The Babe Of The Day Come From?

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Always wondered where we find some of our beautiful Babe of the Day girls? Better yet, how would you like […]

2005 Nova Schin WCT Brazil – Final Day Update: Kelly Slater Wins His 7th World Title

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December ’05: Switchfoot, Curren And Machado Cut Tracks In Mex

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“Do-do-do—do—do—do-do.” Tom Curren, head down, hands cupped over his mouth, tries to sound out the bass line. “So, ladies leave […]

Trestles On Trial: Over 700 Surfrider Members Show In Support

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“If they win, they’ll turn Trestles into another Doheney,” Pat O’Connell said about the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) as he […]

2005 Nova Schin WCT Brazil – Round 3 Update: The Kelly Slater And Andy Irons Showdown

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PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARESURF: 2-3 feet and trashedEVENTS HELD: Men’s Round 2 Heat 7-16, Round 3 Heat 1-10NATURE’S CALL: Probably just as […]

Surfer Attacked By Great White Shark At Mavericks

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Surfer Tim West poses with his damaged boardAs Half Moon Bay surfers Tim West and Chris Loeswick headed toward the […]

2005 Xcel Pro At Sunset Beach, Hawaii: Final Day

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The 22nd Annual XCEL Pro presented by No Fear concluded with high performance surf in the 3 to 6 foot […]

2005 Nova Schin WCT Brazil – Round 1 Update

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SURF: 2-3 feet and soft as a baby’s butt.EVENTS HELD: Men’s Round 1 Heats 1-12NATURE’S CALL: Smaller, but picking up […]

2005 Xcel Pro At Sunset Beach, Hawaii: Day 2

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Rumors of Jamie O’Brien sitting out this North Shore season due to injury have obviously been greatly exaggerated.The 22nd Annual […]

SURFING Magazine Somehow Loses The Inaugural Publisher’s Cup

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Bobby Martinez – Surfing Magazine’s MVP Canadian figure skaters, Jamie Sale and David Pelletier, at the 2002 Salt Lake City […]

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