Eastern Surf Magazine Premieres Their New Video: Alway’s Right In New York


ESM’s Always Right Premiere Is Right On Time New York- It was fitting that the world premiere of Always Right […]

2005 North Shore Week In Review: 11-11-05 to 11-18-05


Helloha, and welcome back to the circle of life, the place where all things surf return unto to themselves to […]

The Indian Ocean Journals – Part 2: The Mentawai Islands


Unloading the taxi in preperation for a 15 hour ferry rideFeral in the Mentawai’sTwo things I know: 1 – Sometimes […]

2005 NSSA Southwest Conference Update: Event # 4


Conditions: Chest high on Saturday increasing on Sunday to head high plus classic Church rights and some very good lefts. […]

2005 OP Pro Hawaii / Triple Crown of Surfing: Day 2


SURF: 8-10 foot, clean and mean. EVENTS RUN: Round of 96 and half of Round of 64… we’re getting there.NATURE’S […]

2005 OP Pro Hawaii / Triple Crown of Surfing: Day 1


“Aww, look how cute,” says one onlooker from the Haleiwa beach bleachers. Without a doubt, it’s the first time I’ve […]

Product Review: Solio – Solar Powered Charger for your Ipod and Cell Phone


So, you’re hunkered down in a surf camp in some wasted desert. The “swell of the decade” hasn’t yet arrived, […]

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Saved? Activists Score Victory In Environmental Debate


Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Your hear it on the news and might not think a whole lot about it. But […]

2006 WCT Tour: Who Will Compete For Surfing’s Next World Title?


Kelly Slater; your 2005 world champThe title race is over. Kelly Slater has won his 7th world title. Andy Irons […]

The Indian Ocean Journals – Part 1: Bali


Packing for his trip (everything but the big screen and the dog went with him)I have to confess something straight […]

To Rag On The Mag: A Reader’s Take On Surf-Spot Exploitation


Everybody is all pissed off. Every year the waves get more crowded, more people move into town, and tensions get […]

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