Fishtales News Episode 7: Oakley Pro Bali // 2:58

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The Fish breaks down and analyzes highlights from Bali

“It’s no surprise that Parko won. The big nose bandit was throwing his beak into every section Keramas gave him.” — Paul Fisher

Luke Cederman // Raglan, New Zealand // 1:55

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#selfies from inside the tube

Well played, lad

Neptune Place: Episode 2 // San Diego // 2:23

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A summer surf series by Derek Dunfee

Ain’t she a moody little slab

Austin Smith-Ford // Santa Cruz // 2:28

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Austin goes right in Nothing Left

From the East to the West

Baby Take It Off!: Dustin Barca, GMO Combatant

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Baby! Take it offThe vehement Kauiian tackles a big issue

And it’s seeded in science

Monday Photos: Julian and Jordy in South Africa

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We stalk the duo through the Mr. Price Pro Balito

Two World Tour competitors, but only one winner

Nic Von Rupp // My Road: Episode 1 // 6:11

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Road trippin’ with Maxime to Lakey Peak

Beauty secrets, karaoke and some huge punts

Barry Mottershead // Ireland // 3:44

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Rugged coastline and shifty shoals

The POV is top notch

2013 NSSA Nationals: Full Results and Photos

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The rest of the best from America’s finest amateur surfing event

HB didn’t know what hit it

2013 NSSA Nationals: Finals Day

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Taylor Clark and Dax McGill claim titles

Cue the MC Hammer

Kolohe Andino // Mainland Mexico // 2:37

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Red Bull TV launches Simple Pleasures.

Kolohe stars below the border and above the lip

Luke Davis // Mainland Mexico // 3:15

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Mr. Davis times a south swell deep into Mex

He’s got more color in his hair than on his board

#TourNotes: Bali, Indonesia // 3:54

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Quick tidbits from in and around the Oakley Bali Pro

“Represent on goofyfoot buddy. 100,000 (Rupiah) on Nat Young.” –Rizal Tanjung

2013 NSSA National Championships: July 2 // 1:34

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Huntington Beach Pier continues to deliver 2-3ft peaks

Heat wins today mean final appearances tomorrow

Volcom’s Strange Brains: Episode 9, Dusty Payne // 4:32

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The last in a series ends with a bang — a near 4th of July bang

Let’s savor these last 4 minutes or so

Polaroid: Reef McIntosh

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PolaroidThe tall-bodied, kind-hearted Hawaiian visits the office

And brings a chest high wall of beer

Dylan Goodale // Forster, Australia // 1:52

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Three weeks spent on Australia’s East Coast

Forster fosters fun

Alex and Koa Smith // Indonesia // 4:51

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A new edit paired with a new website given new life

Carlos Burle // Teahupo’o, Tahiti // 17:34

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A big wave surfer’s perspective

“The waves rule your life.” –Carlos Burle

2013 NSSA National Championships: Day 1 + 2 Highlights // 2:44

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Huntington Beach Pier delivers 2-3ft peaks

The nation’s best groms eat it up

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