Santa Cruz Surfers Protest Local Surf Instructors


“If You Ride A Foamie, You Ain’t My Homie”“Sport of Kings, School of Kooks”“Surf Schools Are Kook Factories” These are […]

Andy Irons Wins The 2005 Japan Quiksilver Pro


Best Final Ever? SURF: 6 foot offshore barrels at {{{Malibu}}} Reef EVENTS HELD: Mens Round 4 to Finals NATURE’S CALL: […]

2005 Japan Quiksilver Pro – Round 3 Report


It’s Big in Japan SURF: 6 foot at {{{Malibu}}} Reef, 10-12 Hawaiian out the back EVENTS HELD: Round 3 NATURES […]

2005 Japan Quiksilver Pro – Round 2 Report


Danger ahead as Typhoon Nabi pumpsMick Fanning sears the top off a long right wall SURF: 4-6 feet and solid […]

Laguna Beach Reality Show Causes Headaches For Local Surf Shop Laguna Surf And Sport


We’re sure you’ve already seen it on TV, but here it is anyway… Laguna Surf And Sport just might be […]

2005 Japan Quiksilver Pro Reader Challenge


Correctly guess the finalists and all this could be yours…Win a 2005 Japan Quiksilver Pro Prize PackAre you confident you […]

How Surfing Saved J-Bay Artist Stephen Bibb’s Life


Stephen Bibb describes his life as perfect. It’s easy to see why; he lives a couple blocks from Jeffreys Bay […]

2005 Japan Quiksilver Pro – Round 1 Report


SURF: 2-3 feet and clean EVENTS HELD: Round 1 NATURE’S CALL: Pray for Typhoon Nabi PREDICTED: Kelly mania in full […]

Surfing Interview With Pat O’Connell


Pat steps off the tour into his new position at HurleyA few days ago, SURFING photo editor Steve Sherman came […]

Larry “Flame” Moore Wins Lifetime Achievment Award At SIMA’s 2005 Watermans Ball Event


This year’s SIMA Wateman’s Ball — held Saturday night at the St. Regis in Laguna Niguel — accomplished a number […]

30 Years Of Flame: The Book


30 YEARS OF FLAME: CALIFORNIA’S LEGENDARY SURF PHOTOGRAPHERFor more than three decades, his images brought the pages of this very […]

October ’05 – The Needles: The Extended Interview


The Who. The Ramones. The Clash. The Sex Pistols. History shows that when a band slaps “the” on the front […]

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