2005 Nova Schin WCT Brazil – Round 1 Update


SURF: 2-3 feet and soft as a baby’s butt.EVENTS HELD: Men’s Round 1 Heats 1-12NATURE’S CALL: Smaller, but picking up

2005 Xcel Pro At Sunset Beach, Hawaii: Day 2


Rumors of Jamie O’Brien sitting out this North Shore season due to injury have obviously been greatly exaggerated.The 22nd Annual

SURFING Magazine Somehow Loses The Inaugural Publisher’s Cup


Bobby Martinez – Surfing Magazine’s MVP Canadian figure skaters, Jamie Sale and David Pelletier, at the 2002 Salt Lake City

Save Trestles: November 3rd Meeting Needs Surfers Support


Trestles, the famed Southern California surf break is in danger. Looking down at Lowers By now you’ve heard things like

2005 Xcel Pro At Sunset Beach, Hawaii: Day 1


The 22nd Annual XCEL Pro presented by No Fear kicked off today with surf in the 4′ foot range increasing

Switchfoot, Curren And Machado Jam In Mainland Mex


____________________________________________________________________________CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALL FOUR TRACKS! (Zip File) Never done this before? Need some help? Here’s what you do:

2005 O’Neill Coldwater Classic Day 6


Mother Nature Gets the Best Seat in the House for the Coldwater Classic Final Bobby’s strategy of “Tell ‘em you’re

2005 O’Neill Coldwater Classic Day 5


Mother Nature Delivers, Then Hides the Goods. Surf: Absolutely firing on all cylinders, 6 to 8 feet at Steamer Lane.

2005 O’Neill Coldwater Classic Day 4


Rob Machado rips his way to the final daySurf: Small and sloppy at Waddell Creek for the morning rounds; then

2005 O’Neill Coldwater Classic Update


Surf: 2-3ft beach break peaks at Waddel Creek with a side-shore devil wind.Events Held: 8 Mens Round 4 heatsNature’s Call:

Nova Schin Festival WCT Brazil 2005 Event Preview


SLATER AND IRONS DUEL FOR THE CROWNThe surf in Brazil can range from meager to macking. (Macking pictured here) It’s

2005 Quiksilver ISA Junior World Champs Final Results


Surf: 2-3 ft, chunky, windblown peaksEvents Held: Girls Under 18 Qualifying and Repercharge Semis and Final, Boys Under 16 Qualifying

Totally Walled: North San Diego County Beaches Threatened By Potential Seawalls


Breaks like Swami’s (pictured here) are in serious danger. Encinitas and Solana Beach are dangerously close to having most, if

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