2005 O’Neill World Cup Of Surfing / Triple Crown Event # 2: Day 4 at Sunset Beach


SURF: 12 feet plus and washing, washing throughEVENTS HELD: Men’s Round of 32NATURE’S CALL: You want big Sunset? I’ll give

Clark Foam Closes Its Doors


The coconut wireless rumor-mill went into hyperdrive Monday afternoon when Clark Foam — far and away the world’s largest supplier

2005 North Shore Week In Review: 11-27-05 to 12-04-05


It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Or, even worse, dies right in front of us. And it’s

TRAGEDY AT PIPELINE: Tahitian Surfer Drowns


A picture-perfect morning at Pipe and Backdoor ended horrifically today when Tahitian charger Malik Joyeux drowned after hitting the bottom.

2005 O’Neill Women’s Challenge At Sunset Beach: Melanie Redman-Carr Wins Women’s Surfing Event


SURF: 6 feet and soooo fat EVENTS HELD: Da GirlsNATURE’S CALL: Alana Blanchard surfs better than youPREDICTED: Bethany Hamilton singing

Damage Report 2005: Breaking Down The Most Active Hurricane Season In Recorded History


EDITOR’S NOTE:Just as this interview was completed, Tropical {{{Storm}}} Epsilon arrived taking the total of named storms to 26.Phil Klotzbach,

The Indian Ocean Journals – Part 3: G-Land & The Mystery Left


A small offering to the gods before heading to G-LandLife is about choices. We were in Padang having chosen to

2005 North Shore Week In Review: 11-19-05 to 11-26-05


Flat spells. Threatening storms. Deteriorating promises. Ridiculous sunsets. Blazing heat. Every day this week has been somehow distinctly different. Intense,

2005 O’Neill World Cup Of Surfing / Triple Crown Event # 2: Day 2 at Sunset Beach


SURF: 8 to 10 feet, north, and borderline washing throughEVENTS HELD: The rest of Men’s Round of 132 and Round

2005 O’Neill World Cup Of Surfing / Triple Crown Event # 2: Day 1 at Sunset Beach


SURF: 6 to 8 feet, clean, and just daring you to pull in EVENTS HELD: Mens Round of 162, 144

2005 OP Pro Hawaii Final Day – Panch Sullivan Wins The First Event In The Triple Crown Of Surfing


Look out WCT crew – here comes Pancho!SURF: 6-8 foot and tempermentalEVENTS HELD: Round 64 to FinalNATURE’S CALL: My house,

January ’06: SURFING Magazine’s 2005 Shaper Of The Year; Bill ‘Stretch’ Riedel


Gifted surfboard shapers can’t bank on much more than their own creativity. Think about it: there are hundreds — maybe

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