Outliers: Wyatt Redongo

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How to get paid to travel.

Sounds: Darkside

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Restless, travel-alone music

Frederico Morais // Globetrotting // 3:11

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Clips and questions with Fred.

Monday Photos: Icy East

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Sam Hammer and Balaram Stack in New England.

Nat Young // Hawaii // 2:42

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A rookie’s last stand.

Julian Wilson // Hawaii // 2:49

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A postcard from the North.

Happy Ending: Resolutions

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Demolishing your New Year’s resolution.

Michael Dunphy // Far From VB // 2:28

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A collage of Dunphy’s 2013.

Learn The Se7en Signs

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Something you should buy.

Boards: Shawn Dollar

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Meet the board that helped Shawn catch the biggest paddle wave ever.

The Best Stories Of 2013

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Hey, here’s your yearbook.

Heroic Out Loud

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Chas Smith tells why big-wave surfing should be Hollywood’s child.

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