SURFING Magazine January 2014 Issue

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We celebrate new years early.

Gavin Beschen // Pipeline // 3:50

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Coming of Ageless featuring the Mythical Creature.

Trailer: Out In The Lineup

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A documentary about homosexuality in surfing.

Exit Through The Surf Shop

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Almost meet the anonymous man who does street art after every WCT event.

Photos: Kill Two Birds And Injure A Third

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Nathan Fletcher and Noah Wegrich in the Pacific Northwest.

Steven Sawyer // Angola // 5:54

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More best waves ever from Africa.

December 2013 Issue Wallpaper

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The pride of our December issue.

Mason Ho & Cheesburger // Indo // 3:01

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The most interesting barrel riding you’ll ever see.

Remembering Buttons Kaluhiokalani

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A photographic tribute with quotes from three special individuals.

Sounds: GrandeMarshall

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History is merely a list of surprises.

Monday Photos: Early Season Pipeline

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She’s awake, and she’s hungry.

Buttons Kaluhiokalani, 1959 – 2013

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Surfing mourns the loss of a legend.

Happy Ending: Burger Beef

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Keoni Nozaki wins best of three at Pipeline.

Tiger VS Bear: John John And Tamayo Perry

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Comparing two of the best chunks of an early season Pipeline swell.

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