Happy Ending: Cocktail-High Time

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Ryan Callinan’s sun salutation on the North Shore.

The 2014 World Tour Mystery

ASP, News /

Delving into the dark depths of 2014 WCT qualification.

Tiger VS Bear: Danny Fuller And CJ Hobgood

Video /

Two cherries from the Pipeline orchard.

Florida’s Finest // Fall Back East // 5:19

Video /

New Smyrna Beach is like East Coast Lowers.

Ezekiel Lau // Beast Mode // 5:10

Video /

Warranted use of the word beast.

Behind The Photo: Bruce’s Barrel

Magazine /

Laurent Pujol explains his unique method of surf photography.

Slater & Seabass // Heat Redux // 13:42

Video /

A look back at Kelly’s perfect heat at the Volcom Fiji Pro.

Albee Layer // Youthful Movement // 3:49

Video /

Jaws barrels and double alley-oops.

Monday Photos: Steep And Deep Black Friday

Monday Photos, Photos /

35% off the wave of the winter, specials on spitters.

Sterling Spencer // Alabama // 3:17

Video /

Sterling gets barreled and fields a call from Anderson Cooper.

Vans World Cup Of Surfing: Days 2 & 3 Photos

News /

Ladies and gentlemen, Kelly Slater.

Mayhem Medley // Volume 2 // 3:45

Video /

Now here’s something we hope you’ll really like.

Sounds: Cut Snake

Magazine, Sounds /

Paul Fisher and Leigh Sedley’s rhythmic muse.

Felipe Toledo // One & Only // 2:28

Video /

Get a load of this little werewolf.

Symptoms Of A Sick Board

Blogs /

Something wrong with your board? Consider this Web MD.

Vans World Cup of Surfing: Day 1 Photos

News /

The Pacific makes a right turn, as do the surfers.

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