Day 3 At The Reef Hawaiian Pro

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So you’re saying that John John lost to Dale Staples?

Day 2 At The Reef Hawaiian Pro

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Overhead and interesting.

Kirk Passmore’s Final Wave

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As captured by legendary cinematographer Larry Haynes

Day 1 At The Reef Hawaiian Pro

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Photos and a nightcap.

Dueling Keyboards: 2013 World Title

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Kelly or Mick, that is the question.

Kirk Passmore Accident Explained

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Jamie Sterling gives an eyewitness account of Wednesday’s tragedy on the North Shore.

Surfer Missing On The North Shore

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Thoughts and prayers are with Kirk “Red” Passmore.

Under The Influence: Conner Coffin

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“I’ve been listening to Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Canned Heat and Lou Reed.”

SURFING Magazine January 2014 Issue

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We celebrate new years early.

Gavin Beschen // Pipeline // 3:50

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Coming of Ageless featuring the Mythical Creature.

Trailer: Out In The Lineup

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A documentary about homosexuality in surfing.

Exit Through The Surf Shop

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Almost meet the anonymous man who does street art after every WCT event.

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