Stuart Kennedy // Home And Abroad // 3:43

Video /

Stu’s on the brink of World Tour qualification

Here’s what he does outside of a singlet

Dillon Perillo // California // 1:32

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90 seconds of joy

Dueling Keyboards: Three To The Beach Or One To The Air

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Dueling KeyboardsIs it better to link turns or to punt?

A battle of old and new

Theatre Of Sport // Hurley Pro At Lowers // 4:47

Video /

This ain’t your average highlight reel

An inward look at the event

Miguel Pupo // France // 4:00

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Miggy’s French harvest

Come reap it

When You Give A Moose A Muffin

Magazine /

Current IssueThe theory of beggars in surfing

And the return of Clark Franklin

Tiger VS Bear: Felipe Toledo And John John Florence

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In the great battle of the alley-oop

One from Bali, one from France, both from outer space

Day 1 At The Rip Curl Pro Portugal

News, Photos /

Round 1 in Peniche

With both the world title racers falling

Torrey Meister // Round Here // 2:21

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Recklessly good surfing

You’re going to want to check this out

Taj Burrow // Lowers // 4:11

Video /

Taj VS Lowers

Guess who wins

Jeremy Johnston // NSB And Travels // 2:18

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Fun in Florida and a trip to El Salvador

Backside stalefish reverse? Yes please!

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Rip Curl Pro Portugal

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Bantering points on Portugal

From the eye of the ‘Cane

Adriano de Souza & Gabriel Medina // Heat Redux // 10:34

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Looking back at the Brazilian super semi in Rio

More theatrics from Red Bull

Jordy Smith // France // 4:32

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The big man’s French bounty

Au Revoir

Trailer: Live From The Moon

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Meet Body Glove’s new flick

Brought to you by John F. Kennedy

Carissa Moore // Hi Shred-Ability // 8:48

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A Vice grip on the Hawiian belle

Spend time with the newly crowned 2013 World Champ

SURFING Magazine December 2013 Issue

Magazine /

Going thrice around the world

And brining it all back home

John John Florence // Tahiti // 5:30

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& Again

Some of JJF’s finest work

Monday Photos: Misfits

Monday Photos, Photos /

17 photos that couldn’t find a page

So to the web they go

Boards: Taylor Knox

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Current IssueWhat does America’s favorite thunder-foot ride?

Meet the Zeus

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