Jordy Smith // Portugal // 2:00

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The big man excels in small waves, has bad hair.

2013 Rip Curl Gromsearch National Finals

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Photos and a recap from a big day out in the fog.

Monday Photos: Spectacular Shorepound

Monday Photos, Photos /

Jamie O’Brien stars in the most amusing gallery you’ll see all week.

Happy Ending: Single Flynn

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Flynn Novak punts on a single fin in the infant stages of the 2013 North Shore season.

Need A New Suit?

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Yes, you probably do. Here’s a guide to 2013′s finest rubber.

Sharks: To ride, or not to ride?

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Should we end the trend of people riding sharks, or should you and your grandma grab a fin and get on the wagon? Taylor Paul and Mark Healey discuss.

Hurley Team // Puerto Rico // 4:55

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Brian Toth, Asher Nolan, Stevie Pittman and friends get enchanted in the Caribbean.

John John & Friends // Portugal // 2:34

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John John Florence seeks revenge at the Cave.

Noah Schweizer // Florida // 2:01

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Noah mauls waves in his hometown for your classic New Smyrna Beach clip.

Miguel Pupo // Portugal // 1:56

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Miggy’s contest/freesurf hybrid package from Portugal.

Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina & Dillon Perillo // California // 2:19

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The Rip Curl team undresses SoCal with style and fury.

Boards: Chippa Wilson

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What does the most technical surfer on the planet like under his hooves?

2013 Rip Curl Gromsearch National Finals Preview

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America’s best young talent is all set to spar at Uppers Trestles this Saturday.

That’s Bullshit: Straight To The ‘QS

ASP, Blogs /

Should talented surfers try to qualify for tour as young as possible?

Jimmicane says no

Ian Walsh // Hotdoggin’ // 3:31

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Ian Walsh surfs inflatable hotdog out at Jaws

And then switches to a surfboard

This Ride Never Ends Flipbook

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The Globe team in Indonesia filming for Joe G’s Strange Rumblings

What a strange trip

Alex & Koa Smith // Indo // 4:27

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Part 2 of Last Name First’s Indonesia mission

Another classic

Monday Photos: Portuguese Freesurf

Monday Photos, Photos /

A photographic yield from The Gentle Land

Through the eye of Corey Wilson

Trailer: True To This

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Volcom melds surf, skate and snow

Call it a threesome

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