Creed McTaggart // Black And White Edits // 4:08

Video /

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of Creed lately

And this is why

Introducing: Innersection Black

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The latest, the greatest

80 seconds to tease you

Tiger VS Bear: Tanner Hendrickson And Ross Williams

Video /

A skirmish on the North Shore

All wild beasts please use the Backdoor

November Issue Wallpaper

Photos /

Is it time to re-vamp the old desktop?

We’ve got a fine collection of images for you to choose from

Behind The Photo: Noa Deane’s Headless Hoist

Video /

Noa’s board-breaking attempt in Mexico

Meet the slob that launched a career

Noah Beschen // Welcome To Neff // 1:02

Video /

This is Noah; Noah is twelve

Clips and questions with the child himself

The Legend Of Eddie Aikau On ESPN

News /

Worldwide leader in sports tells Eddie’s tale tonight

And it’s better than your favorite SportsCenter commercial

Hope Floats

Magazine /

Current IssueExploring the possibility of performance enhancing drugs in surfing

What if Kelly Slater…

Miguel Pupo // California // 2:59

Video /

Miggy’s SoCal freesurfs

Cue the dopey Will Smith lyric

Monday Photos: Cabo San Lucas

Monday Photos, Photos /

Dane Reynolds, Taylor Knox and a right pointbreak

The start of a fruitful fellowship

Surfing For Change // Indonesia // 13:43

Video /

Exposing Indonesia’s waste epidemic and searching for the solution

And of course, barrels

Evan Geiselman // Florida // 2:36

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Another dazzling EG edit from New Smyrna Beach

This time, from the little brother

A Feud Worth Noting

News /

Carissa Moore and Tyler Wright’s duel for the crown

And why you should care

Fishtales // AI Memorial Golf Tournament // 6:22

Video /

Hitting the links with Fish and friends

Kelly Slater + blow horn = ?

Wardo & Matt King // Here Today… Gone To Cabo // 16:48

Video /

The grand finale

A Tecate-fueled storm chase

Dueling Keyboards: Homeschool

Blogs /

Dueling KeyboardsIs homeschooling good for surfing?

Rolling down the slippery slope

Storm Troopers // Behind The Scenes // 2:59

Storm Troopers, Video /

What to do when the East Coast goes flat

Who knew fireworks were illegal in New York?

Felipe Toledo // France // 0:27

Video /

Now this is how you warm up

Is France the place for deep run from Felipe?

Tiger VS Bear: Julian Wilson And John John Florence

Video /

At Lowers, during heats

Did the judges nail it or did they screw it?

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Quiksilver Pro France

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Cane’s insider insight

Love ‘em, hate ‘em or just debate ‘em

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