Back When Shit Was Cool

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Kelly Slater had hair once

His dominance is still as enigmatic as it used to be

I, Leslie, Take You, Hattera

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Treat a woman right and you shall be rewarded

Leslie dished out her fair share of gifts during this swell.

The Ivy Coast

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It’s not all about polo’s and khaki’s

New England’s got some surf

East Injection: Get Your Dose Of The Right

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Barrels and blackjack

Fear & Loathing in Atlantic City

Night & Day

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His nickname is “Gold”

And he’ll rep florida until the day he dies

Spooky Little Girl Like You

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Where was Kelly on this trip?

He might have been in the bathroom at Pat O’Connell’s house

The State I Hate

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Chas experiences some southern hospitality

And no longer hates Florida

The Not So Far East

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The East Coast can offer up some pleasent surprises

Here’s a peak into our East Coast issue

Girl: Lisa Andersen

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Lisa andersen has been all around the world winning world titles

But, there’s no place like home for her

Threat: Tanner Strohmenger

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Tanner is leading the charge of new crop of up-and-coming East Coasters

The future is bright for this one

Under The Influence: Brett Barley

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At the ripe old age of 22, Brett Barley is as responsible as they come

Just ask his wife and kids

THETDWS: Peas In A Pod

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This Has Everything To Do With Surfing Illustration by Noa Emberson New York, New York. Concrete jungle where dreams are […]

January Issue 2013 SURFING Magazine

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The East Coast Issue

A tale of love and hate love

Buy a Tee, Support Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Senior Photographer DJ Struntz’s images grace Hurley tees

Wear your charity

Kelly Slater // San Clemente, California // 13:11

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Sherm captures a day in the life of Kelly Slater during the 2012 Hurley Lowers Pro from 6:15am to 7:25pm

Breakfast (no cereal), culinary news (yum) and Trestles

Nick Rozsa // Ventura // 2:34

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Bookmark Cigarettes for Everyone — the latest web clip you’ll want to keep on daily rotation

World Tour talent on his local stage

You Are Here: Peter Heller, Writer

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You Are Here, Nathan MyersHe was a middle-aged kook trying to drown himself at Jaws.

Then he wrote one of the coolest books I’ve read in a while. This is a rescue buoy.

Raph Bruhwiler // Innersection // 3:36

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Raph Bruhwiler lives in Canada. He has a gun. He hunts stuff.

He kills it.

Jeremy Carter // San Clemente // 2:42

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The oldest Carter brother, in and around town

Blasting fins and releasing tail

2012 Triple Crown Predictions: Haleiwa

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Part one of three, The Reef Hawaiian Pro

A forecast of Haleiwa’s action

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