Mick Fanning Lunges Closer To The Crown


The field is whittled down to 12 in Portugal

And Mick is only four waves away

Tiger VS Bear: Benjamin Sanchis And Diego Santos


Big Nias calling

Sancho and Santos answering

Matt Meola, Kai Barger & Albee Layer // The Isle 2 // 8:00


The best web series in the game?

It’s tough to argue

Photos: Japan Locals


Brent Bielmann’s pals from across the pond

An ode to the hosts

The Balinese Sludge Pit


How to stop septic waste from flowing into the ocean at Uluwatu

And how you can help

Kelly Slater // Nazaré // 1:30


Freesurfing with the 2013 champ

A lonesome session in heavy surf

2013 New York Surf Film Festival


Come one, come all, come this Thursday and enjoy the motion pictures.

Surf in the Big Apple

Girl: Captain Lizzie Clark


Current IssueLizze left everything to sail around French Polynesia

You decide if she was wise

HIGHLINE // J-Bay // 18:57


A film featuring the Coffin brothers, Tanner Gudauskas and Taylor Knox

The power surfing revival

Kelly Slater Falters At Rip Curl Pro


The champ goes down to a Portuguese wildcard in Round 2

Door’s open, Mick

Monday Photos: California, The Beautiful

Monday Photos, Photos

A week’s worth of Santa Ana winds

And the flames they lit

Stuart Kennedy // Home And Abroad // 3:43


Stu’s on the brink of World Tour qualification

Here’s what he does outside of a singlet

Dillon Perillo // California // 1:32



90 seconds of joy

Dueling Keyboards: Three To The Beach Or One To The Air


Dueling KeyboardsIs it better to link turns or to punt?

A battle of old and new

Theatre Of Sport // Hurley Pro At Lowers // 4:47


This ain’t your average highlight reel

An inward look at the event

Miguel Pupo // France // 4:00


Miggy’s French harvest

Come reap it

When You Give A Moose A Muffin


Current IssueThe theory of beggars in surfing

And the return of Clark Franklin

Tiger VS Bear: Felipe Toledo And John John Florence


In the great battle of the alley-oop

One from Bali, one from France, both from outer space

Day 1 At The Rip Curl Pro Portugal

News, Photos

Round 1 in Peniche

With both the world title racers falling

Torrey Meister // Round Here // 2:21


Recklessly good surfing

You’re going to want to check this out

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