Etnies’ Planet is your Playground Contest Winner Announced

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The people at Etnies have spoken and the winner has been chosen

Congrats Rafal Bogowolski!

Sounds: Sam Flax

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Post-lo-fi, post-whatever — it’s methodical

The Mission District reverberates the misty air

Rip Curl Rubber Souls: Matt Wilkinson // 2:12

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Rubber Souls webisode Round 4

Wilko’s rubber might be ordinary, but his surfing is anything but

Dean Brady // Weather Beaten Bastards // 12:23

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The premise: The year’s 2056. Dean’s the weathered ol’ man. They drink and talk story

Not one for production value? Go straight to the surfing @4:35

Julian Wilson + Dane Reynolds // France // 2:46

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Reckon Julian’s having fun on tour?

Plenty of fireworks and explosive surfing

Multiple Personality Disorder: Episode 3 // 4:58

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Chippa Wilson, Mason Ho and Zeke Lau share tubes — like friends do

Like the three best of friends

Baby Cobras Contest Finalists Announced: Young Shooters

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Baby CobrasPart two of three: The six photographers.

Will Jimmicane be impressed?

Mason Ho // South Shore // 7:53

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Mason’s interpretation of a 70s surf flick

New age Cosmic Children, anyone? Anyone?

Nate Yeomans // Most Interesting Academy // 3:00

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Soak up the wisdom of Nate Yeomans — tidbits from travelling

“The key is to have the right tools for the job.” — Nate Yeomans

Grom Games // Nicaragua // 11:36

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Seth Moniz, Jake Marshall, Griffin Colapinto, Kanoa Igarashi, and Josh Burke run, jump, swim, chug and shred their way to glory in Nicaragua.

Oh to be 14 again…

Fisher Heverly // East Coast // 2:56

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The East Coast season kicks into gear

…and Fisher’s got his foot heavy on the pedal

Jordy Smith // France + Portugal // 2:58

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Jordy Smith’s high-energy grovel — the perfect psych up for your morning surf

Can you say Red Bull?

Rip Curl Rubber Souls: Gabriel Medina // 2:38

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Many say he will be Brazil’s first World Champ

Many may be right

Back When Shit Was Cool

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Christian & Nathan Fletcher, legends then

And legends now

What The F?

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Four surfers, four emotions

It’s nice to they’re human

Grom Games

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Fanta chug, ball sock toss, foot races

Grom games galore

A Peer Poll Among The 20 and Under

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We asked they answered

The results are in

Girl: Dax McGill

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Half of one of the best brother-sister duos around

Ms. Dax McGill

Under The Influence: Kalani David

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Kalani David has an alias

It’s Otto Rocket

THETDWS: Really, Really, Really

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Work hard to get what you want

Or just rob a bank

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