Dylan Goodale + Baralam Stack // Island to City // 2:08

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Goodale and Stack join forces to launch IslandToCity.com

Documenting “girls, surfing, parties, girls, and everything in between.” –Dylan

Bruno Santos + Friends // Shock em Itacoatiara, Brazil // 4:30

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Bruno leads the way — even if it means taking a few on the skull

This slab doesn’t play nice

15 Photos: Digital Entrancement in Mexico

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15 Photos from the last swell at Puerto Escondido

Compliments of your friend, Corey Wilson

Volcom’s Strange Brains: Episode 8, Nate Tyler // 5:09

Video /

At first, the Central Coast plays host

Then a retreat to warmer climates

Billy Hopkins + Friends // Southern California // 4:24

Video /

We’re not exactly sure of the details of the board he’s riding

But, we’re more than sure that we’d like to try it

Mitch Crews // Australia // 3:04

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Crews doubles down

Dropping a stirring edit and collecting an ASP win in Japan

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Volcom Fiji Pro 2013

Blogs /

Tavarua is shaped like a heart

And Dr. James Cane is a cardiologist

Dean Morrison // Tahiti + Elsewhere // 4:47

Video /

A montage of ~50 reasons why Dingo is still one of the best tube riders

Post-tourdom, no boredom

Remembering: 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro Flipbook

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The big-wave cavalry marched into town [Cloudbreak] wielding a gun of their choice

They made us cheer. That Friday took surfing to another level

Jake Halstead + Skip McCullough // El Salvador // 5:06

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The boys call this edit Pupusa

Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

Yadin Nicol // One & Only // 2:28

Video /

Yades returns to form after plaguing injury finally subsides

His aerial approach wouldn’t have it any other way

Sam Orozco + Ryan Croteau // Central America // 2:22

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It’s just like Creek, but warm, uncrowded and flawless

Okay, it’s not much like Creek

The Scoop: ASP Merges With the Big Wave World Tour

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SURFING Magazine's ScoopOne, small, step for Gary Linden…

One giant leap for big-wave surfing

This Has Everything To Do With Surfing: We Dream of Islands

Magazine /

If you dream long enough, it may come true

What G-Land might hide there?

Taylor Knox // New Zealand // 2:54

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Post-tour = more web clips

For that, we thank you

Benji Brand // Skeleton Bay // 3:18

Video /

Brand races through seemingly endless tubes

No doubt one of the best waves in the world

Pat Schmidt // Central America // 1:58

Video /

Central America opens her arms wide

Mr. Schmidt embraces

Fishtales News Episode 6: Kai Otton Haircut // 4:19

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Kai dozes off and Fisher goes to work

Not too shabby for Fiskars

24 Photos: Maui by DJ Struntz

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The Maui boys connect with DJ for a feature in our July Issue

…and they don’t disappoint

Eric Geiselman // Florida // 3:36

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He surfs, edits, then lays down the track

All while capturing the essence of all things Florida

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