Clearing The Static

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Keramas is on the tour schedule this year

Should be entertaining

Louder Than The Crowd

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These photos are loud

And they’re being heard

Our (Sandy) Future

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Sandy ravaged the East Coast

Slowly it’s recovering

Bruce Irons

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Bruce just being himself

<em<On a motorcycle

Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Chelsea

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The 2013 issue went Down Under with six stunning gals. Would you like us to introduce you?

Part five of six: meet Chelsea

Greg Long

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Forget near death experiences

We’re promoting new life experiences

Yadin Nicol

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Off the tour, on the tour, healthy, injured

Always happy

Gabriel Medina

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Gabs doesn’t fool around in the water

Unless the waves are shitty

Loud & Clear

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When these two guys talk

We should listen

Threat: Noa Deane

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This month’s threat

Coolangatta’s noa Deane

Peter Devries // Canada // 4:15

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A lonley right-hander accompanies Mr. Devries

They hold hands because that’s what lovers do

Back When Shit Was Cool

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the old school is in session

Kona Blood

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Dorian is redefining big wave surfing

And doing it mostly in the barrel

Festival Express

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Move over Tribeca and Sundance

Make way for Tel Aviv and Rapa Nui

Once And For All

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This is the last time we are going to tell you

So pay attention

John John Sprains Ankle

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Florence eats an apple and walks us through the air and the X-ray

“Back by Bells,” he says

Girl: Sage Erickson

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Sage is a sweetheart

In and out of the water

Strange Rumblings

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Another Joe G production

Most likely to be mind blowing

Tyler Wright Wins 2013 Roxy Pro Gold Coast

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Sherm captures six moments of victory and defeat

The girls are off to a fiery start

May Issue 2013 SURFING Magazine

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Loud & clear. Like it or love it, this is surfing today

Kolohe Andino, tack sharp, on the cover

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