2012-13 Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge Results

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Nathan Florence and Tony Heff take top honors

All in the name of Sion Milosky

Stephen Koehne // Surfing/Fishing Promo // 3:10

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“To me the ocean is my playground and office. It’s where my passion for surfing and fishing come to life.” –Stephen Koehne

Well played, sir.

Ryan Carlson // Huntington Beach // 1:31

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Carlson on his Cole Wrecking Ball model

Plenty of attitude

Jeff Lukasik // Pavones to Basilone // 2:12

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Jeff takes flight down south

Because that’s where summer swells go

Back When Shit Was Cool: Brother on Beschen

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Kolohe Andino’s grown quite a few feet since ‘98

And still the most stylish of toddlers

Adriano De Souza & Nat Young // 21 Days: Episode 1 // 16:38

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Nat is making his case for Rookie of the Year and De Souza is really just a family man

Red Bull Media follows along as they prepare for the Billabong Pro Rio

Timmy Reyes // Hawaii // 3:35

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Timmy Missions on the North Shore

“It’s left in God’s hands what happens to you after that.” –Timmy Reyes

Baby Take it Off!: Let the Haole Church Bells Ring

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Baby! Take it offChas Smith learns, a decade after the fact, that Sam George and Nia Peeples got married.

He’s excited

Blake Jones // Nicaragua, Bali, Florida // 2:41

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Blake know his borders

Therefore, he crosses them

Derek Dunfee // North Shore, Oahu // 3:10

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Dunfee’s winter frolic comprised of epic tubes and epic fails

The fails are worth the tubes

California: South to North

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Our California Issue was overflowing with golden images

So much in fact, it was necessary we made this 94-page flipbook for your enjoyment

Marcio Freire // Peahi // 3:51

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Marcio first paddled Peahi in 2007

Now he shares his story

Connor Oleary // Australia // 4:37

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A very Rock N’ Roll edit from Darcy Ward

Connor in “Mixed Bag of Lollies”

Nic Von Rupp // Morocco // 4:00

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Daily prayers = daily tubes

Set your line and go

Moony, Fuller, Rotherham // Isolated Trailer // 2:36

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Is Hollywood hottie Ryan Phillipe making a surf movie?

There’s no I in melodrama

Ben Bourgeois // Costa Rica // 3:04

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Benny B meets up with Gorkin on the Pacific

This is the “Gentlemen’s Hours”

Sounds: SWIMM

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An interview with the 2013 Swimsuit Issue’s headline band

New name and a polished sound

Sherm Moments: Bobby Martinez

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Burleigh Heads, 1999

“He’s so elusive, that’s why I love getting photos of him because no one gets photos of him — portraits especially.” –Sherm

California Issue: Should I Stay or Should I Go? // 7:29

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The answer is up to you

Sessions from our golden state

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