Nick Rozsa // Ventura // 2:12

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Salty Beards returns to 2013 with Black Unicorn

There’s nothing mythical about Nick’s surfing — just watch the clip

Baby Take it Off!: The Middle Finger Seen ‘Round the World

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Baby! Take it offKelly Slater vs. Joel Parkinson in the final of the Quiksilver Pro was an almost classic

Why almost? Let’s discuss

Kelly Slater Wins 2013 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Highlights Video

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Kirra awakens for the semis and final

Kelly’s quest for 12 starts now

Clearing The Static

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Keramas is on the tour schedule this year

Should be entertaining

Louder Than The Crowd

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These photos are loud

And they’re being heard

Our (Sandy) Future

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Sandy ravaged the East Coast

Slowly it’s recovering

Bruce Irons

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Bruce just being himself

<em<On a motorcycle

Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Chelsea

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The 2013 issue went Down Under with six stunning gals. Would you like us to introduce you?

Part five of six: meet Chelsea

Greg Long

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Forget near death experiences

We’re promoting new life experiences

Yadin Nicol

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Off the tour, on the tour, healthy, injured

Always happy

Gabriel Medina

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Gabs doesn’t fool around in the water

Unless the waves are shitty

Loud & Clear

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When these two guys talk

We should listen

Threat: Noa Deane

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This month’s threat

Coolangatta’s noa Deane

Peter Devries // Canada // 4:15

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A lonley right-hander accompanies Mr. Devries

They hold hands because that’s what lovers do

Back When Shit Was Cool

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the old school is in session

Kona Blood

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Dorian is redefining big wave surfing

And doing it mostly in the barrel

Festival Express

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Move over Tribeca and Sundance

Make way for Tel Aviv and Rapa Nui

Once And For All

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This is the last time we are going to tell you

So pay attention

John John Sprains Ankle

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Florence eats an apple and walks us through the air and the X-ray

“Back by Bells,” he says

Girl: Sage Erickson

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Sage is a sweetheart

In and out of the water

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