Cover Drop: April 2013 Issue Cover

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Pipe was epic and he just stood there

Can you, guess who?

Russell Ord’s One Shot // 1:55

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This guy’s a legend — no bullshit

Would you risk death to capture a moment?

Volcom Pipe Pro // Day 1 Highlights // 3:33

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We can all appreciate a Pipe highlight package — hours of action condensed into a pretty edit

Plenty more swell on the way

North Shore Issue Photos

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The North Shore issue hits newsstands next week

Let’s call this gallery an hors d’oeuvre poke bowl with rice

Jordy Smith // Bali, Indonesia // 2:38

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Extras from Jordy’s signature film, Bending Colours

Consider them bent — B&W is all that remains

Kelly Slater // Indonesia // 3:16

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Enjoy the Adventure — Quiky’s latest campaign

Swell inspires Kelly’s expedition

Garrett McNamara & Kealii Mamala // Nazaré // 3:45

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Biggest waves ever surfed?

Decide for yourself.

Freesurf // Pipeline // 4:16

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A “Lei Day” at the 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro

Carnage, cartwheels and a good ol’ nasal cleansing

Fishtales News Episode 3: North Shore Interviews // 4:52

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Fish always gets the scoop — the boys get frank, real frank

Surfer Chicks? Parko? Vibes? Alana? Ass?

Matt Banting // NSW, Australia // 3:22

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Stick stickers. Insert fins. Zip suit.

Stomp techie airs.

Volcom’s Strange Brains: Episode 3, Ezekiel Lau // 4:39

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Trails blazed by man turns

The next Hawaiian super power on the World Tour?

Asher Pacey // Australia // 4:34

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Part three

Extras from “Way of the Ocean: Australia”

Mayhem Medley // 3:41

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Matt Biolos is a busy man, crafting magic sleds for travelling pros

The …Lost Factory — a destination worthy of the journey

Nic Von Rupp + Friends // Ireland // 5:38

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How many Hawaii vacays been postponed for a quickie to Ireland? In the history of flight, none.

Last minute change of plans yields monster-sized tubes

Dylan Goodale // Hawaii // 2:36

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Friends film friends because that’s what friends do

Outer island clips on a budget

Innersection // Qualifier Announcement // 8:04

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Twelve qualifiers and one defending champ.

Who’s gonna be the next Meolalayer dude?

2013 Maverick’s Invitational Photos

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Bipolar Pacific Ocean sometimes teases and sometimes pleases

But the pleasure is all Peter Mel’s

Sounds: Tame Impala

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Live psychedelic Aussie indie rock

With a just a hint of Lennon

Threat: Soli Bailey

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Another up and coming Aussie

Introducing Soli Bailey

Waves For Water

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Jon Rose was trying to figure out his next move

He found it providing clean water for people around the world

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