Morgan, Ryan and Kai // 2013 Film Reels

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The reels have rolled in

What’s 2013 have in store for these three?

Joao Marco Maffini // Maui // 2:49

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Joao’s seventeen and charging with the big boys

Sent from Albee Layer and stamped with his approval

Pipe, Backdoor, Off The Wall // 6:58

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The world’s most photographed stretch of coastline

Click play. Now you know.

Jay Davies // Gold Coast, Australia // 3:44

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A big man with a big heart and big moves

Does he fly the Lone Star flag?

Fox Team // Santa Cruz // 3:16

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Ramps and walls and tubes

Plus, two Damien Hobgood OB bombs

Hot Water For Winter Weather

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Tom Carey’s recent Indo outtakes

Feel like daydreaming?

My First Fear

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These are two we know of

We have a feeling he’s got more

Nebraska On The North Shore

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We sent a Nebraskan to Hawaii

Next year we should send a Hawaiian to Nebraska

Hawaii Pictorial

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Eye candy

try to use your third eye for this one

Girl: Alessa Quizon

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the Westside of Oahu has a bad reputation

Alessa’s here to set the record straight

What Is He On?

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There’s a reason this board is big

10’6” X 20.5” X 4” kraken
Fletcher Chouinard Designs

Threat: Seth Moniz

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The Moniz family is legendary in Hawaii

Seth is prime to lead the fmaily into the future

The Last Time

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But don’t worry

We’ll be back

Under The Influence: Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz

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He’s got double thumbs

And a Triple Crown

The First Time: Hawaii

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Everyone remembers their first time

April Issue 2013 SURFING Magazine

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Pipe was epic and he just stood there

The North Shore Issue

Baby Take it Off!: Shawn Dollar vs. Garrett McNamara

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Baby! Take it offShawn Dollar should not have a job

…but Garrett McNamara should

USA vs. Latin America vs. Canada // Quiksilver Film Challenge

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Want to win a Quiky suit? Thought you would.

Watch three films. Vote. Cross your fingers.

Noa Deane // Australia // 3:43

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A tube riding exposé

All in two days

Ian Gentil // South Pacific // 5:25

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The NSSA Menehune days are long behind him

Introducing Mr. Gentil into manhood

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