Asher Pacey // Australia // 4:34

Video /

Part three

Extras from “Way of the Ocean: Australia”

Mayhem Medley // 3:41

Video /

Matt Biolos is a busy man, crafting magic sleds for travelling pros

The …Lost Factory — a destination worthy of the journey

Nic Von Rupp + Friends // Ireland // 5:38

Video /

How many Hawaii vacays been postponed for a quickie to Ireland? In the history of flight, none.

Last minute change of plans yields monster-sized tubes

Dylan Goodale // Hawaii // 2:36

Video /

Friends film friends because that’s what friends do

Outer island clips on a budget

Innersection // Qualifier Announcement // 8:04

Video /

Twelve qualifiers and one defending champ.

Who’s gonna be the next Meolalayer dude?

2013 Maverick’s Invitational Photos

Photos /

Bipolar Pacific Ocean sometimes teases and sometimes pleases

But the pleasure is all Peter Mel’s

Sounds: Tame Impala

Sounds /

Live psychedelic Aussie indie rock

With a just a hint of Lennon

Threat: Soli Bailey

Magazine /

Another up and coming Aussie

Introducing Soli Bailey

Waves For Water

Magazine /

Jon Rose was trying to figure out his next move

He found it providing clean water for people around the world

Baby Take it Off!: Lance Armstrong Don’t Surf

Blogs /

Baby! Take it offDiggity-diggity dope

Own your actions!

March Issue Outtakes: Black Ocean

Magazine /

This Has Everything To Do With Surfing

West of South Central

Granger Larsen // Maui // 3:31

Video /

Granger kickstarts the new year right where he wants to be

Wrapped comfortably in island tubes

Nat Young // Santa Cruz + San Clemente // 3:12

Video /

Nat’s on tour for 2013

Because his surfing says so

Sam Hammer, Mike Gleason, Clay Pollioni, Travis Beckman // New Jersey // 2:35

Video /

Right-handed perfection in a cold dark sea

Is getting spit out worth the suffering?

March 2013 Issue Wallpaper

Magazine /

From printed ink

… to digital pixels

Chippa Wilson, Nate Tyler, Daniel Shea // California // 3:31

Video /

Sometimes you’ve got to get out of dodge

Recently unemployed, Chippa heads north towards cooler pastures

March Issue Outtakes: Iceland

Magazine /

The Great Icelandic Adventure

Globe’s last project with Dion Agius, Nate Tyler and Brendon Gibbens

Mason Ho // North Shore, Oahu // 3:55

Video /

With special appearances from Cheeseburger, Mike, Derek and Reynolds

Mason dodges rocks and collects some digits

Girl: Nikki Van Dijk

Magazine /

Sometimes girls have to be girls

Nikki’s ok with that

Threat: Kevin Bourez

Magazine /

This is the younger brother of Michelle Bourez

He got all the same genes, except for his stance

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