Creed McTaggart Joins Epokhe // 3:49

Video /

A look into the external world of Epokhe ambassador Creed McTaggart

Flowing locks and stylish hacks

Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Amanda

Swim, Video /

The 2013 issue went Down Under with six stunning gals. Would you like us to introduce you?

Part two of six: meet Amanda

Tanner Hendrickson // Hawaii // 2:01

Video /

Evidently underrated

Evidence is in the footy

Kyuss King // Byron Bay, Australia // 3:36

Video /

Yes, he’s only 12-years-old

Is he the future of Australian surfing?

Joel Parking & Mick Fanning // 21 Days: Episode 1 // 13:42

Video /

An in depth look at the lives Parko and Fanning are leading into the start of the 2013 World Tour

Mick Fanning wakes up the dragon

Lost Surfboards Team // North Shore, Oahu // 8:34

Video /

February highlights from the North Shore

Wardo, Andino, Ho and more

Timmy Reyes // Northern California // 2:50

Video /

When the NPac models glow

…Timmy hits the road north

2013 Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico

Photos /

4 stars illuminate the Caribbean

It was a grand carnival

Dane Reynolds // Mexico // 2:23

Video /

From Mainland Mexico, with love

Dane’s such a romantic

Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Sarah

Swim, Video /

The 2013 issue went Down Under with six stunning gals. Would you like us to introduce you?

Part one of six: meet Sarah

Sherm’s in the Band // 26:58

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Sherm joins Donavon Frankenreiter as he tours “Start Livin” through Europe

Playing percussion, shooting photos and logging clips

Morgan, Ryan and Kai // 2013 Film Reels

Video /

The reels have rolled in

What’s 2013 have in store for these three?

Joao Marco Maffini // Maui // 2:49

Video /

Joao’s seventeen and charging with the big boys

Sent from Albee Layer and stamped with his approval

Pipe, Backdoor, Off The Wall // 6:58

Video /

The world’s most photographed stretch of coastline

Click play. Now you know.

Jay Davies // Gold Coast, Australia // 3:44

Video /

A big man with a big heart and big moves

Does he fly the Lone Star flag?

Fox Team // Santa Cruz // 3:16

Video /

Ramps and walls and tubes

Plus, two Damien Hobgood OB bombs

Hot Water For Winter Weather

Photos /

Tom Carey’s recent Indo outtakes

Feel like daydreaming?

My First Fear

Magazine /

These are two we know of

We have a feeling he’s got more

Nebraska On The North Shore

Magazine /

We sent a Nebraskan to Hawaii

Next year we should send a Hawaiian to Nebraska

Hawaii Pictorial

Magazine /

Eye candy

try to use your third eye for this one

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