Video: Two Shapers Walk Into A Bar

Magazine, Video

A conversation with Darren Handley and Matt Biolos.

Yago Dora // Brazil // 4:16


Too many airs to count.

Welcome To Paradise, Now Go To Hell


Care to win a copy of Chas Smith’s tell-all book about the North Shore.

Monday Photos: French Film

Monday Photos, Photos

Like typing a hand-written letter.

Day 3 At The Reef Hawaiian Pro


So you’re saying that John John lost to Dale Staples?

Day 2 At The Reef Hawaiian Pro


Overhead and interesting.

Kirk Passmore’s Final Wave

News, Video

As captured by legendary cinematographer Larry Haynes

Dueling Keyboards: 2013 World Title


Kelly or Mick, that is the question.

Kirk Passmore Accident Explained


Jamie Sterling gives an eyewitness account of Wednesday’s tragedy on the North Shore.

Surfer Missing On The North Shore


Thoughts and prayers are with Kirk “Red” Passmore.

Under The Influence: Conner Coffin


“I’ve been listening to Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Canned Heat and Lou Reed.”

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