Samuel Pupo // Brazil // 3:10


The younger brother of Miguel gets Sammy with it.

Jordy Smith // Portugal // 2:00


The big man excels in small waves, has bad hair.

2013 Rip Curl Gromsearch National Finals

News, Photos

Photos and a recap from a big day out in the fog.

Monday Photos: Spectacular Shorepound

Monday Photos, Photos

Jamie O’Brien stars in the most amusing gallery you’ll see all week.

Happy Ending: Single Flynn

Blogs, Happy Ending, Photos

Flynn Novak punts on a single fin in the infant stages of the 2013 North Shore season.

Need A New Suit?

News, Photos

Yes, you probably do. Here’s a guide to 2013’s finest rubber.

Sharks: To ride, or not to ride?


Should we end the trend of people riding sharks, or should you and your grandma grab a fin and get on the wagon? Taylor Paul and Mark Healey discuss.

Hurley Team // Puerto Rico // 4:55


Brian Toth, Asher Nolan, Stevie Pittman and friends get enchanted in the Caribbean.

John John & Friends // Portugal // 2:34


John John Florence seeks revenge at the Cave.

Noah Schweizer // Florida // 2:01


Noah mauls waves in his hometown for your classic New Smyrna Beach clip.

Miguel Pupo // Portugal // 1:56


Miggy’s contest/freesurf hybrid package from Portugal.

Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina & Dillon Perillo // California // 2:19


The Rip Curl team undresses SoCal with style and fury.

Boards: Chippa Wilson


What does the most technical surfer on the planet like under his hooves?

2013 Rip Curl Gromsearch National Finals Preview


America’s best young talent is all set to spar at Uppers Trestles this Saturday.

That’s Bullshit: Straight To The ‘QS

Blogs, WSL

Should talented surfers try to qualify for tour as young as possible?

Jimmicane says no

Ian Walsh // Hotdoggin’ // 3:31


Ian Walsh surfs inflatable hotdog out at Jaws

And then switches to a surfboard

This Ride Never Ends Flipbook

Lightbox, Photos

The Globe team in Indonesia filming for Joe G’s Strange Rumblings

What a strange trip

Alex & Koa Smith // Indo // 4:27


Part 2 of Last Name First’s Indonesia mission

Another classic

Monday Photos: Portuguese Freesurf

Monday Photos, Photos

A photographic yield from The Gentle Land

Through the eye of Corey Wilson

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