Marlon Lipke // “Lost Tapes” // 3:47

Video /

The 2012 ASP European champ compiles a collection of clips


The Relatively Coldwater Classic

News /

Lukewarm surfing in chilly conditions in Santa Cruz

Grab a bowl and get the scoop

Evan Geiselman // South Florida // 3:38

Video /

Hurricane Sandy’s a two-faced monster

For Evan, she show’s her beauty and grace

2012 Baby Cobras: Young Winners

News /

Baby CobrasThree winners have been decided in film, photography and writing

Snakes on a plane, next stop: Hawaii!

Rip Curl Rubber Souls: Dillon Perillo // 2:25

Video /

Dillon’s search continues with recent expeditions to Portugal and West Africa

That side of the hemisphere’s not lookin’ too shabby

Mick Fanning // Snapper Rocks // 2:14

Video /

With the Coldwater Classic starting today, Mick chose to warm up the week prior at his favorite right-hander

Can Mick lock in a third win this season?

Chippa Wilson + Nathan Fletcher // Santa Cruz + Newport // 2:03

Video /

An extended edit from Analog’s surf film, Chromatic

Everyone loves a little bonus footy

Brett Simpson // California + Australia // 3:03

Video /

A collection of moody clips sucked dry of color

Simpo in Black : White

December 2012 Issue Wallpaper

Magazine /

10 wallpaper sized images from our under 21 issue

Take your pick!

Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative

News /

Waves for Water seeks assistance to help rebuild East Coast surf communities

Jon Rose leads the effort. Here’s how you can help. Go.

Hurricane Sandy // South Florida // 5:12

Video /

Sandy bears gifts — dripping in gold

Best Florida ever?

2012 Coldwater Classic Predictions

Blogs /

The waiting period for Santa Cruz starts on Thursday

What will become of it all?

Ricky Whitlock: L-1, T-12 // 13:07

Video /

Dawn. Pipeline. Wipeout. Crushed vertebrae.

Months of rehab and plenty of determination, Ricky’s back like a champ

Conner and Parker Coffin // Bali, Indonesia // 3:19

Video /

Conner and Keramas will be life-long partners

Going forth, their celebrity pseudonym shall be Conneramas

Webisode 4: Bending Colours // Cape Town, South Africa // 1:41

Video /

Jordy Smith reconnects with the rhythm of life at home

Would you ever leave?

Dusty Payne + Julian & Parko // Europe // 8:06

Video /

Nearly a month of Euro waves compressed into eight pretty little minutes


Domenic’s Tahiti Flipbook

Lightbox /

A look at Teahupo’o, Tahiti through the lens of Domenic Mosqueira

We celebrate his heart of gold

Baby Cobras Contest Finalists Announced: Young Filmers

News /

Baby CobrasPart three of three: The six filmers.

Will any of these young men find their atlas?

Jonathan Mincher & Rob Brown // Teahupo’o & Mexico // 3:47

Video /

They work for months to spend months on the road and in the barrel

It seems they’ve got their priorities in order

Girl in Just a Shirt, December 2012 Issue: Catie Allen

Magazine /

A chromed sky, an empty road and a pretty young thang

Duncan Macfarlane, on set.

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