Tiger VS Bear: Filipe Toledo And John John Florence


In the great battle of the alley-oop

One from Bali, one from France, both from outer space

Day 1 At The Rip Curl Pro Portugal

News, Photos

Round 1 in Peniche

With both the world title racers falling

Torrey Meister // Round Here // 2:21


Recklessly good surfing

You’re going to want to check this out

Taj Burrow // Lowers // 4:11


Taj VS Lowers

Guess who wins

Jeremy Johnston // NSB And Travels // 2:18


Fun in Florida and a trip to El Salvador

Backside stalefish reverse? Yes please!

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: Rip Curl Pro Portugal


Bantering points on Portugal

From the eye of the ‘Cane

Adriano de Souza & Gabriel Medina // Heat Redux // 10:34


Looking back at the Brazilian super semi in Rio

More theatrics from Red Bull

Jordy Smith // France // 4:32


The big man’s French bounty

Au Revoir

Trailer: Live From The Moon


Meet Body Glove’s new flick

Brought to you by John F. Kennedy

Carissa Moore // Hi Shred-Ability // 8:48


A Vice grip on the Hawiian belle

Spend time with the newly crowned 2013 World Champ

SURFING Magazine December 2013 Issue


Going thrice around the world

And brining it all back home

John John Florence // Tahiti // 5:30


& Again

Some of JJF’s finest work

Monday Photos: Misfits

Monday Photos, Photos

17 photos that couldn’t find a page

So to the web they go

Boards: Taylor Knox


Current IssueWhat does America’s favorite thunder-foot ride?

Meet the Zeus

Mick Fanning Wins Quiksilver Pro France


Photos, words and a breakdown of the standings

It’s closer than you think

Outliers: Scotty Hammonds


SURFING Magazine's ScoopAn Encinitas native that got swallowed by the travel bug

Round-trip? Yeah, right

Baby, Take It Off!: I Own Drugs And Surfing


Baby! Take it offYou can buy an entry in the Encyclopedia of Surfing

Chas Smith indulges

Stevie Pittman // California // 2:13


13 years old and having fun

Rising from the east, setting in the west

Sounds: King Krule


Current IssueThe music of London’s gloomiest 18-year-old

Jam to this before you surf… or before you weep

Creed McTaggart // Black And White Edits // 4:08


You’ve probably been seeing a lot of Creed lately

And this is why

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