Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Phoebe

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The 2013 issue went Down Under with six stunning gals. Would you like us to introduce you?

Part four of six: meet Phoebe

Volcom’s Strange Brains: Episode 4, Ozzie Wright // 4:17


Ozzie goes his own way

Ozzie is strange brains

Jeremy Flores // “Enjoy Being Yourself” // 2:49


Yes, this is a Quiky ad for Jeremy’s signature trunks

But hell, if the footage is this good, does it really matter anymore?

Cover Drop: May 2013 Issue Cover


Loud & clear. Like it or love it, this is surfing today

Can you, guess who?

Mick Fanning // 3:08


Rip Curl calls it, “There is Only 1 Mick Fanning”

We’d call it, “Fanning in Black and White”

13 Photos: Tom Carey California and Slightly South


When swells and coastline unite, Tom’s behind the lens

And ain’t it pretty?

Joel Parkinson & Mick Fanning // 21 Days: Episode 3 // 18:41


DHD builds Mick’s Snapper quiver

Joel chooses a surf over training

A Tale or Two from Mexico Flipbook


I like Mexico. No, actually I love it. — Tom Carey

Select photos from Tom’s last two excusions across the border

Sherm’s 2013 ASP Banquet


ASP’s elite swap wetsuits for designer suits

Celebration for Parko and Steph

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: 2013 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast


He’s always played with heart, but he’s never played with fortune

This time though, he’s got odds

Danny Fuller // Cloudbreak // 1:28


A minute long wave — in slow motion

The magic’s in the details

Shaun Burns // California // 3:48


A winter along the California coast

Shaun Burns in “Sun X Burns”

Seabastian Zietz // World Tour Ready // 9:32


“He’s only going to be a huge asset for the tour.” — Mick Fanning

Humble. Confident. Stoked. Ingredients for the 2013 World Tour.

Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Tanya

Swim, Video

The 2013 issue went Down Under with six stunning gals. Would you like us to introduce you?

Part three of six: meet Tanya

Imaikalani Devault // Hawaii + Indo // 2:06


A Maui montage

Plus, a few extras from neighboring shores

Matt King // Australia // 2:08


One very charming slab

On one very charming swell

Joel Parkinson & Mick Fanning // 21 Days: Episode 2 // 19:19


Joel spends most of his time under chlorinated water

Mick hits the pavement

John John Florence // Done, Trailer 2 // 0:44


Want to win a free digital copy of Done?

Of course you do. Please, proceed

Carissa Moore // One & Only // 2:06


Some of the best surfing we’ve seen from a female, ever

Can you still call it a man-hack if a girl does it?

20 Photos: Baby Cobra, Mike Killion


From the Great Lakes to the North Shore

Killion killed it

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