Jordy Smith // Lose Yourself Somewhere // 2:08


Jordy’s let loose in the wild

Water and land angles capture him in his natural habitat

Albee Layer + Matt Meola // The Isle 2: Episode 1, Jaws // 9:06


“I’ve never seen him that rattled my whole life.” –Albee Layer

“I thought it was all over. I thought I was going to die for sure.” –Matt Meola

July 2013 Issue Wallpaper

Magazine, Photos

From printed ink

… to digital pixels

#TourNotes: Rio de Janeiro // 5:48


The Hurley crew do Rio

With the debut of the “Simpo Cam”

Hector Santamaria // Puerto Rico // 1:33


Babes, pools and punts

All on a summer day

Neptune Place: Episode 1 // San Diego // 2:42


A summer surf series by Derek Dunfee

We’re on board

The Last Lava Lamp: A Caribbean Adventure


Words pulled from Dane Gudauskas’ Lava Lamp Brick of Swiss Cheese Deliciousness, SURFING, July 2013

Surfing on liquid blue lava

Girl in Just a Shirt, July 2013 Issue: Brianna Barnes

Magazine, Photos

Is that tub water really turquoise?

Sure. That was your focus.

You Are Here: Joel Fitzgerald, Single-Fin Guy


You Are Here, Nathan MyersHe is the son of the Sultan of Speed.

As if he needs an excuse for going super fast.

Kolohe Andino // P-Pass // 2:59


It was this trip to Micronesia that Kolohe landed his second SURFING cover (May 2013)

Ain’t no questioning his forehand tube riding ability

Brett Barley // Outer Banks, North Carolina // 1:50


Filmed entirely on the Solo Shot

Just set it and forget it!

The Scoop: 2013 Hurley Lowers Pro Wildcards


SURFING Magazine's ScoopHurley introduces a video contest format to declare wildcards

Got an ace in your pocket?

End of the Road, Day One and Two // Teahupo’o // 2:08 + 2:17


Highlights from another historical Teahupo’o session

Back arched, arms back

Dillon Perillo // Mainland Mexico // 2:06


Far from his Malibu residence, yet right at home

Dill on his trusty Fred Rubble

Lava Lamp Brick of Piña Colada Deliciousness // Caribbean // 3:32


The Caribbean edit from our July issue feature, Lava Lamp Brick of Piña Colada Deliciousness

D. Graves and D. Gudauskas show you the wayves

Kolohe Andino // Lowers // 3:14


Shot on RED, so we get to enjoy all the details

Kolohe runs his Trestles routine to a tee

17 Photos: Strange Rumblings Outtakes


Fernando de Norhana extras from Globe’s new movie

Visual beats by DJ Struntz

Julian Wilson // Rio de Janeiro // 0:31


Julian called this maneuver a “Loop Revert”

It’s so smooth it’s almost deceiving

Gabe Kling // Sebastian Inlet // 3:10


Early May swell fires in Florida

Gabe drives south and puts on a power clinic at the Inlet

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