Bobby Martinez: Stay Or Go


Some like to stay, some like to go

Bobby’s choice is easy

June Issue 2013 SURFING Magazine


The California Issue

Should I stay or should I go?

Jake Kirschenbaum // California // 1:55


Air reverses for breakfast

…lunch and dinner

Rip Curl Team // Bali, Indonesia // 2:50


Episode 2 of “Tales from Paradise”

Chess, no checkers

Sherm Moments: Andy Irons


Andy Irons wins the 1998 OP Pro at Huntington Beach

From the trials to the main event

Out of Office Reply: 2013 Billabong XXL Picks


Out of Office ReplyEditor Taylor Paul explains who he thinks the winners will be, and why

SD wins!

Hurricane Sandy Update


The state of the relief effort nearly half a year later

Wave for Water’s Jon Rose does tell

John John Florence // Gold Coast, Australia // 3:52


Roaming free at Snapper to ankle combustion during the Quiky Pro

John John synthesizes golden clips on the Goldy

Cover Drop: May 2013 Issue Cover


Should I stay or should I go? The California Issue.

Can you, guess who?

Eric Geiselman // “Threes and Fours no Doors” // 3:06


Why Eric hasn’t cracked the tour is beyond me

We’re sure it’s only a matter of time, right E?

Rip Curl Pro Bells Wrap Up, Adriano Wins


Final day held in pumping Bells Bowl

Adriano breaks the bell

Volcom’s Strange Brains: Episode 6, Parker Coffin // 4:31


The teen brain isn’t broken — it’s not a defective adult brain

“Parker’s the new Cory Lopez!” –Jimmicane

Dane Anderson + Raph Bruhwiler // Tofino, Canada // 2:54


The wooly North actually looks quite inviting

Raph shows Dane the way

16 Photos: Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, Day 4


Turns over tubes

This is Bells, not Pipe

North of Nowhere // Ireland // 5:13


This short film by Peter Clyne just took 2nd Place at the first Irish Film Festival

And since you can’t watch first place yet…

Swimsuit Instagram Giveaway


Wanna get your paws on some free stuff?

Here’s a brilliant excuse to use Instagram. Follow @surfingmag_swim for more details

Team O’neill // North Carolina // 4:23


Cory Lopez and Colt Ward meet up with Brett Barley

“I love the adventure of going on the hunt and looking for swell.” –Cory Lopez

Maxime Huscenot + Nic Von Rupp // Portugal // 4:42


A tube riding exposé from two of Europe’s biggest up-and-comers

Time to rethink those winter travel plans

Sherm Moments: Kelly Slater


Bells Beach, 1996

The Champ may have lost to Davo, but he ends up with Sherm’s accommodations

May 2013 Issue Wallpaper


From printed ink

… to digital pixels

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