Nebraska On The North Shore


We sent a Nebraskan to Hawaii

Next year we should send a Hawaiian to Nebraska

Hawaii Pictorial


Eye candy

try to use your third eye for this one

Girl: Alessa Quizon


the Westside of Oahu has a bad reputation

Alessa’s here to set the record straight

What Is He On?


There’s a reason this board is big

10’6” X 20.5” X 4” kraken
Fletcher Chouinard Designs

Threat: Seth Moniz


The Moniz family is legendary in Hawaii

Seth is prime to lead the fmaily into the future

The Last Time


But don’t worry

We’ll be back

Under The Influence: Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz


He’s got double thumbs

And a Triple Crown

The First Time: Hawaii


Everyone remembers their first time

April Issue 2013 SURFING Magazine


Pipe was epic and he just stood there

The North Shore Issue

Baby Take it Off!: Shawn Dollar vs. Garrett McNamara


Baby! Take it offShawn Dollar should not have a job

…but Garrett McNamara should

USA vs. Latin America vs. Canada // Quiksilver Film Challenge


Want to win a Quiky suit? Thought you would.

Watch three films. Vote. Cross your fingers.

Noa Deane // Australia // 3:43


A tube riding exposé

All in two days

Ian Gentil // South Pacific // 5:25


The NSSA Menehune days are long behind him

Introducing Mr. Gentil into manhood

Conner Coffin // California // 2:30


Conner channels his inner-powers with some new age fl(h)air

A black and white treat

2013 Swimsuit Issue: Behind the Scenes

Photos, Swim

We went to Australia this year. It’s summer there and very hot.

The girls matched the weather

Baby Cobras Winner Matt Payne’s Hawaii Edit // 6:08

Magazine, Video

SURFING.tvMatt Payne captures North Shore action and poses the question

Do you remember your first time?

Dane Zaun // Los Angeles // 2:25


In impeccable synchronicity, Dane launches in front of the camera and on the web

Update your bookmarks. joins the digital party

Griffin Colapinto // Sumatra, Nicaragua, California // 2:37


While small in stature, he’s big on style and charisma

Now let’s just watch him rip

Oscar Scanes and Beau Foster // Bali, Indonesia // 3:02


Well, that was dreamy

Well, that was dreamy

Eli Olson // North Shore, Oahu // 5:14


Eli’s dedication and positive energy yields new opportunity with O’neill

Good things for good people

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