Torrey Meister // California // 3:28


A summer well spent in California — a collection of A-clips

Winter’s calling now. Back to the rock.

Taj Burrow Wins O’neill Coldwater Classic 2012


Wilko finishes second

Plenty of coldies and celebratory coldies

Grom Games Flipbook


In between surfs, the groms enthusiastically participate in Olympic-esque style games

Why wouldn’t they? They’re groms

Waves For Water: Sandy Mission


Does surfing have a heart?

Here’s how you can help

Fishtales News Episode 1: Matt Wilkinson // 6:01


People want to know… what kind of chicks Wilko attracts?

Paul Fisher asks the difficult questions

Baby Cobras 2012 Photo Winner Change


Baby CobrasNobody likes a tattle tail.

Except Mike Killion

Marlon Lipke // “Lost Tapes” // 3:47


The 2012 ASP European champ compiles a collection of clips


The Relatively Coldwater Classic


Lukewarm surfing in chilly conditions in Santa Cruz

Grab a bowl and get the scoop

Evan Geiselman // South Florida // 3:38


Hurricane Sandy’s a two-faced monster

For Evan, she show’s her beauty and grace

2012 Baby Cobras: Young Winners


Baby CobrasThree winners have been decided in film, photography and writing

Snakes on a plane, next stop: Hawaii!

Rip Curl Rubber Souls: Dillon Perillo // 2:25


Dillon’s search continues with recent expeditions to Portugal and West Africa

That side of the hemisphere’s not lookin’ too shabby

Mick Fanning // Snapper Rocks // 2:14


With the Coldwater Classic starting today, Mick chose to warm up the week prior at his favorite right-hander

Can Mick lock in a third win this season?

Chippa Wilson + Nathan Fletcher // Santa Cruz + Newport // 2:03


An extended edit from Analog’s surf film, Chromatic

Everyone loves a little bonus footy

Brett Simpson // California + Australia // 3:03


A collection of moody clips sucked dry of color

Simpo in Black : White

December 2012 Issue Wallpaper


10 wallpaper sized images from our under 21 issue

Take your pick!

Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative


Waves for Water seeks assistance to help rebuild East Coast surf communities

Jon Rose leads the effort. Here’s how you can help. Go.

Hurricane Sandy // South Florida // 5:12


Sandy bears gifts — dripping in gold

Best Florida ever?

2012 Coldwater Classic Predictions


The waiting period for Santa Cruz starts on Thursday

What will become of it all?

Ricky Whitlock: L-1, T-12 // 13:07


Dawn. Pipeline. Wipeout. Crushed vertebrae.

Months of rehab and plenty of determination, Ricky’s back like a champ

Conner and Parker Coffin // Bali, Indonesia // 3:19


Conner and Keramas will be life-long partners

Going forth, their celebrity pseudonym shall be Conneramas

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